Nordica Photography

Cole & Jakob.


Photographer  /  Father  /  Vancouver-Based (2015)

Throughout my teens I breathed hockey – playing junior across North America – and when that ended, finding a new passion did not happen overnight. A business degree helped, as did travelling, but nothing challenged me the way hockey did.

Life started coming together when I was accepted to a masters program in marketing in Umeå, Sweden. Jakob was in this program and this is also when I met Therese, who is from Sweden.

Therese and I moved to Vancouver where my newfound passion for photography gave my interests in entrepreneurship, online marketing and storytelling, a medium. I convinced Jakob to move to Vancouver from Stockholm and ever since he got off the plane we’ve been working full-time with Nordica.

Therese and I are now married, we have two girls named Embla and Asta, and we live in Gävle, Sweden.

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Photographer  /  Traveller  /  Stockholm-Based

Up until my early twenties, I had no idea that I wanted to be a photographer. I’d always been into art in one way or another, but it wasn’t until after four years in business school, that photography came into my life.

Long story short: a marketing job was the reason I picked up a ‘real’ camera in the first place, a friend’s wedding the reason I started doing wedding photography, and an urge for some kind of adventure why I moved across the globe, to start up Nordica with Cole.

Running Nordica is my dream job; meeting new people and seeing faraway places are wonderful perks.

After three years in Vancouver, I decided to move back home. Running Nordica from Stockholm, Sweden is another exciting adventure and challenge.

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