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Nordica Photography.
Wedding Photographer Sweden // Emma & Emil

Emma and Emil got married at Bräcke Mölla in Höganäs, Sweden with the reception at Malvagården close by. It was a classic Swedish wedding in many ways that Emma and Emil made their own.

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Emma and Emil’s wedding is feature on Post Photo (Russian). På Svenska

Nordica Photography

Date & location

July 8, 2013

Höganäs, Sweden

  1. Boy Called Ben - Absolutely magical.   
  2. Matt Somerville Photography - Windmill wedding with a double rainbow, c'mon now that's just ludicrous! Great work, beautiful as always, congrats!   
  3. Ali Paul - Your shots are magical as always. First frame is such a big win. And the double rainbow?! So GOOD.   
  4. sachin - Awesome frames!   
  5. Nicola Thompson - Its beautifully moody and I love it. Love the acrobatics!   
  6. Julianne - just perfect from beginning to end. You guys are amazing.   
  7. JESSICA OH - your composition is KILLER! love EVERY SINGLE IMAGE   
  8. Heather Kanilopoolos - I adore the way you use the light. Gorgeous, gorgeous work <3   
  9. Xanthe - Hitting it completely out of the park, as usual! Beautiful work.   
  10. Zosia - I need to buy a thesaurus and start finding other words for awesome! Anyway...AWESOME!   
  11. ed peers - So good...   
  12. Dennis Pike - simply gorgeous work. nothing more needs to be said.   
  13. Christian - Wow - what a gorgeous place!! It looks like the kind of place I'd like to spend a month in...and get "off the grid". Great work.   
  14. rich - these are un freaking believable.   
  15. kong wai - Amazing !! Always love your work   
  16. ryan - double rainbow!! That's awesome.   
  17. Anton Chia - Wow that double rainbow, perfect day and perfect shots.   
  18. Joseph West - Once again, you guys kill it. The places you go and see. Just wow.   
  19. Sinereh - SO dreamy! These are really beautiful pictures   
  20. Johanna - Oh Sweden. <3 (Psst, I think you have some scret agreement with God when it comes to awesome sunsets and beautiful clouds.)   
  21. Steve Koo - It's always so refreshing to look over your work. This is fantastic!   
  22. aga - guys, please stop! you're killing it! Beautiful work.   
  23. Thomas - beautiful images. you frame the nature like no one else.   
  24. mathias fast - yeah. not really fair when you start off a post with a double rainbow over a windmill =) awesome stuff.   
  25. neda blake - Swedish weddings are close to my heart hehe really lovely   
  26. David Josué - bellísimo trabajo!   
  27. Joseph Hall - I love this insight into a classic Swedish wedding - amazing photos as always! Truly beautiful.   
  28. Mario Colli - Amazing guys. Your work is devine. American Photo next year will have to include you guys in best 2014 ;)