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Nordica Photography.
Philippines Wedding Photographer // Polaroids

I spent the past couple of weeks with my girl in the Philippines, charging the batteries for what will be our busiest year with Nordica so far. To avoid getting too bored between swimming in the ocean and having happy hour umbrella drinks, I brought a Polaroid camera.

Instant photography is awesome. And Asia amazes me every time.


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Nordica Photography

Date & location

March 21, 2013

Cebu City, Philippines

  1. Sam Hurd - Love them all.   
  2. Veronica Varos - So lovely.   
  3. PJ - Cool! I want go there...;)   
  4. Dani - Film Magic ¡   
  5. Emma - Love them, hope you had a great trip :)   
  6. Dmitriy Frolov - Waiting for the Instagram-Polaroid film cam)   
  7. Amber - I grew up in the philippines and this just took me home for a flash. Beautiful.   
  8. Dale Lempa - Cool. What's with the strange glowing in the latter photos? Flare? Light leaks?   
  9. dylan - these are killer.   
  10. geneoh - love them, dude.   
  11. Cole & Jakob - Dale Lempa: Light leaks and overexposed. /J   
  12. daniel usenko - best part about traveling is the picture taking   
  13. Brent Chapman - I wish you could do some of those lighting things in the digital world. Great photos.   
  14. Mercedes - Polaroid AND the Philippines? That made me cry (nostalgic kind). The first frame made me lose it. We had one of those growing up. I hope you enjoyed the mangoes.   
  15. ALMA // - Love the raw in these frames!!   
  16. Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Beautiful. Makes me miss my home again.   
  17. Bec - fantastic! I love the last image, and it all definitely makes me want to go exploring the Phillipines. Gorgeous work.   
  18. JK Blackwell - Nice way to enjoy a little holiday in the East with a Polaroid. Great pic! Heard your podcast on Musea by the way.   
  19. Max - Awesome!!!   
  20. Ashley - These are lovely - wish we had more markets like that in the States!   
  21. Mathias Cederholm - Really awesome, what film did you use for the colour ones? It looks so much better than I thought it could. I have an old land camera sitting around that I am still to try out...   
  22. Albert Palmer - O man I love that first shot in the hammock - brings back some good memories!   
  23. Derek Martinez - These are magical!   
  24. James Stokes - Asis is on my wishlist!   
  25. Cole & Jakob - Mathias: Fuji FP-100 C for colour and FP3000 B for BWs. /J   
  26. Jouni - Legen.. wait for it because I have to go buy myself a Polaroid ..dary.   
  27. Matt Long - I love you work. I need to a Polaroid.   
  28. sachin - Sweet frames bro'   
  29. Derek Olson - Wow, I especially love the color images -- they are all so magical really   
  30. Joseph Delgado - Killer as usual. This is like insane documentary and travel photography, then awesome wedding work as the icing on the cake!   
  31. Stefan Hellberg - This is rad!! Nice to see some personal work on here as well.   
  32. Shaun - Gorgeous work. Love the hammock photo. Amazing photography.   
  33. Jane Haglund - Äkta känsla, bakom de fina hotellen. Ni är så grymma!!   
  34. Cebu Wedding Photographer - What a surprise! I was browsing through Norway Wedding Photographers (via google) and found this first on your blog! :) nice to see! Hope you had a great time in Cebu! :)   
  35. Ben Tomlin - That first shot is just killer! the perspective & colour of it.   
  36. Kim - This is one of the most incredible sets of Polaroids I've ever seen. Asia is a special place, isn't it? I've been wanting to go back myself and explore it some more. You aren't helping my travel bug!   
  37. Daniel - Great photos from the philippines. Wonderful work.   
  38. Christine - I had some engagement shots done by you and loved them. These are amazing! magazine quality!