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100 Mile House Photographer // Jennifer & Chad

July 17, 2010

If we could do more wedding photography in 100 Mile House, we’d be very happy. 100 Mile is Cole’s hometown (one half of the Nordica machine), so there’s obviously a few connections there with old friends.

We will be doing Jennifer and Chad’s wedding in early September, but we managed to pencil in a date for some engagement photos. We did these pictures near Horse Lake, if you’re familiar with the area.

And yes, folks, that is a hemp field you’re seeing in this post.

If you’re interested in seeing these images with some solid tunes, we created a slideshow at the bottom of this post.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. catharina

    Oh my...amazing pictures!

  2. Dennis Bullock


  3. Girish

    Beautiful location ! and an awesome prop of that old vehicle. Photographers paradise :) Great photographs. Super poses. Get the love element right in. You got your own style mates. Nice touch to the photos. Having a look at the slide show.

  4. Dean Govier

    What a wonderful couple. Your work is very unique. I love the grain, colours and composition.

  5. Crystal

    Love the shot in the boat!!

  6. Robb Duncan

    I have been through the images 4 times looking for a favorite and have viewed the slide show twice, but I cant settle on just one !! Simply stunning work !! (and love the slide show song too!!)

  7. Amber Hughes

    I have two things to say about this set: 1 - LOVE these! Seriously beautiful and dreamy 2 - how fitting and hilarious to have a hemp field in a BC interior session... LOL!

  8. Heather

    WOW!! Your use of space and depth in the composition is so fabulous here!! Not to mention, they are a gorgeous couple!!

  9. Kat Braman

    seriously awesome! those hemp field shots are ridiculously cool.

  10. Faron

    Looking to get some pictures taken on Saturday

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