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Abbotsford Wedding // Holly & Philip

April 12, 2010

Nordica has hosted its fair share of contests during our infancy in Vancouver, and there’s one common thread that every contest shares: You’re always rolling the dice with whom the winners might be.

Bandido from a Mexico? Gothic princess? A sumo wrestler?

Not that there’s anything at all wrong with any of those types of people, but the point is you really have no idea who your eventual winner might be when you run a web-based contest. You’re opening yourself up to the characters on the Internet and letting fate take over.

When we had our free wedding photography contest over Christmas, we literally had no clue who the winner(s) would be, but we were open for anything. At that time, we were in the Nordic countries for the Holidays, so the winner wouldn’t even get to meet us until after Christmas. It was an interesting situation for all parties involved.

So on the flip side of things, they had no idea what to expect from us either. We could be a couple lunatics for all the winners knew. So, this very important contest (it was wedding photography after all) really was a double-edged sword.

At the end of the day though, both parties couldn’t have been more fortunate to have ‘found’ one another, and on April 3rd, Holly and Philip’s wedding took place.

Without lunatics. Without the goth theme. Without the Bandidos.

It was a drizzly Saturday out in Abbotsford and the gathering hosted roughly 50 people. From our point of view, it was a celebration of two families unlike other weddings we had seen. Both families couldn’t have welcomed the other side into their open arms with any more warmness, and the general feel throughout the day was really a unison of two very kind families.

We also can’t say enough about how hospitable these two families were to us throughout the day. Their kindness was abundant and we can’t thank them enough for that.

So, our little web contest could have introduced us to anybody out there, but in the end, we were truly fortunate to have met two excellent people in Holly and Philip. They are an absolutely lovely couple with a prosperous and exciting future in front of them, and seeing the great families they come from leaves us with no doubt they will have a wonderful family of their own one day.

Alright, enough blubbering! Here is the story of their wedding day as told by our cameras.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Girish

    Very nice shots. Very nice !! Like the detail shots, and couple of shots where the bride is getting ready. Great candid (or poised) After long years of experience, I am sure you know how well a certain pose does go and what can be done to improve it. Nice drawing on the board ;)

  2. april

    i like the shots of the kids... little boy peering over balcony...the 2 pairs of shoes beside each other in the rain... nice

  3. Tia Singh

    Some real creative pix! Esp love the 1st one, the old lady in church, kids, birdhouse, bench pic, the one in front of the flowering tree - cool effect! Great job fellas! @TiaSparkles

  4. Guacira

    Oh, you boys. You have outdone yourselves... again. The photos look beautiful, and unexpected. And you know I'm hard to please.

  5. Jessi Minni

    Beautiful, if I ever renew my vows - you boys the ones to do the pics! Very pretty.

  6. thevancats

    Thanks for sharing. These are amazing. I have seen lots of wedding shots and these are of very high caliber. The story the images tell make you feel like the viewer was there. The variety of images has a wide range of photographic excellence. I love how you incorporated the setting of the place in the selection of images as a complement to the couples images. The artistic twist enhances the magical moments of the day. Love the non traditional flare your images deliver.

  7. Doreen Leach

    Very Inspirational! I felt like I witnessed the transformation from women to beautiful bride!!

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