Nordica Photography

Cole and Jakob

Nordica Photography is a two-photographer team. We’re two straight-forward, laid back guys who really enjoy what we do. We first met in 2006 and started working together in 2009.

When we started Nordica, we agreed that our wedding photography would be awesome rather than cheesy. To achieve that, we combine the two types of photography we like: journalism and fine-art.

On the day of the wedding, we come along for the ride as observers on the outside looking in. We’re not there to turn your day into our photo shoot. At the same time, every picture we take has a purpose. It is a part of the story that we are there to tell.

Awesome wedding photography for us is when the unobtrusiveness of journalism combines with the challenge of creating art.

Achieving this is what motivates us, and why we love what we do.

/Cole and Jakob