Nordica Photography


The thought process behind the albums we provide connects right back to what we believe in: Telling the story.

A couple’s first view of their wedding images is a slideshow, with a curated collection of pictures from the day. We want to not only deliver a whole lot of images, but also tell the story of the wedding, as we saw it unfold.

But the tricky part about sharing a slideshow, or a blog post, is communicating just how important it is to feel something tangible with wedding photos. Holding the photos in your hand is something that a screen can never fully replace.

That’s where albums come into the picture.

The albums we offer are produced in Texas by a company called Vision Art, and since first choosing them as our album provider in 2010, they have been fantastic. They deliver promptly, their customer service is tops, and the product itself is flawless with perfect colour and a quality that impresses us every time.

Their albums are the best we can find and until something better is put in our hands, we’re sticking with them.

Below is a shortened version of a blog post put alongside an album from Meg and Adam’s barn wedding. Showing this might not do the album justice, but what we hope to show is the visual connection between how we tell stories, how we blog, how we curate slideshows and how we design albums.

These things all connect, and are an important part of how we work.