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Ambleside Engagement Session // Jenny & Joel

July 3, 2011

The plan for this engagement session was to meet up at the top of Grouse Mountain and take in the wicked views of Vancouver, catch a few ‘snowy’ pictures and soak in the awesomeness of one of Vancouver’s best ski hills.

So, we went up early to scout things out. It was a sunny day in Vancouver, so logically, we thought it would have been great at the top of the hill. But on the gondola about half way up, bam. An ocean of white fog and we could see absolutely nothing. Total whiteout.

We gave Jenny and Joel a ring after seeing this and they were still in the parking lot, about a minute away from jumping on the gondola to head up. We caught them in time though and got them to pump the brakes and meet us at Ambleside, which is a beauty of an area located in West Vancouver.

Disaster averted, and the session turned out great. They’ll be getting married at the end of August, and we’re very much looking forward to it.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Marianne Taylor

    You are fast becoming my favourite photographers. My head is always filled with 'oohs' and 'ahhs' when I look at your work.

  2. Kyle Scharf

    Every time you guys shoot an engagement, I think "wow, that's my favorite one yet" then you go an shoot another... Great job.

  3. Anton Chia

    I am very impressed by these railway shots. They have a nostalgic flavor to it, along with your photography style and beautiful couple, makes some very great photographs. A-Class work.

  4. Johanna Hietanen

    I really have to agree with Marianne here. Your work is taking my breath away. I love how intensive the connection is that you have with your subjects.

  5. Girish

    Beautiful photographs. Lovely light there. Truly good.

  6. Albert Palmer

    Nordicarific - that last one in particular is incredible. The light hitting the rails - o my! Bet it would make a great canvass.

  7. Jared Tseng

    The first shot -- those eyes! Super solid set guys!

  8. Mercedes

    These are absolutely beautiful. You are too good! It doesn't heart that they are a gorgeous couple. Your command of your art/craft comes through. Again :)

  9. Kellee

    Gorgeous. The light is stunning as always!

  10. Shella

    These are ALL so super duper kick ass!!! But that frst shot - WOW!

  11. ALMA

    Awesome, awesome, awesome frames!!

  12. Jamie M Swanson

    Your use of light is amazing. Love these.

  13. Ed Peers

    Your work rocks the Casbah. Unreal

  14. Fer Juaristi

    lovely, sweet & powerful.

  15. Leo Druker

    So gorgeous. Love the shots in front of the graffiti.

  16. Bartek Szmigulski

    Only I can say that is stunning! Incredible light. Love it.

  17. Alen Abdula

    Amazing work. Beautiful couple. Love looking at your work.

  18. Brian Davis

    Love that last shot so much

  19. jessica lorren

    compelling, intense and yet sweet. good job guys.

  20. nadine

    Gorgeous. I like how you follow the light, or the light follows you. Either way, great images.

  21. Sachin

    LOVE the light in these fellas. Golden as usual :)

  22. Dani K.

    SO good. Amazing stuff, as is always expected from such awesome photographers!

  23. Tyler

    so freakin good.

  24. Will Kim

    Amazing set!

  25. Inspired By This Blog

    Completely adorable!Love the light!

  26. Inspired By This Blog

    Completely adorable!Love the light.

  27. Heather Derksen

    I love the light in these photos! Beautiful!!

  28. Łukasz Kawałkiewicz

    beautiful light captured :)

  29. Lisa Dawn

    The light in those last shots is wonderful, feel very cinematic and romantic.

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