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Barn Wedding // Meg & Adam

October 20, 2011

If ever there was a beer slinging, shot-gun firing, barn dancing, deer-antlericious wedding, this was it.

Meg had a vision for her wedding and there was nothing that could hold her back. She was amazing. Her wingman, Adam, wasn’t so bad either at putting it all together.

Massive props to the two of them for such an incredible wedding. We’ll post the whole thing another day.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Melissa Jean

    Oh my goodness... that second photo is just perfect. I laughed. A LOT!

  2. Ã…smund

    2nd photo is all kinds of awesome, can't wait to see the whole wedding!

  3. eadwine

    nice one on the shot gun!

  4. eadwine

    Nice one of the shotgun! *KABLAAM*

  5. geneoh

    ok, whaaat? shotgun image is amazing.

  6. Sam

    Love the portrait in front of the hay truck.

  7. Jesse Pafundi

    Love your work. Another tremendous set.

  8. Michael Wachniak

    I'd like to know what the officiant was shouting lol. rad shots guys.

  9. Natalie Champa Jennings

    Gotta jump on the wagon...AMAZING shot gun photograph :)

  10. Sondra

    Lovely work! Beautiful shots.

  11. Yvonne Meyer

    Great pictures I would love to see more. Congratulations to you. You make a beautiful bride. All the best to you and Adam.

  12. happy hearts - maternity photography san diego

    awesome! looking forward to the rest..

  13. PJ Photos

    nice, i love dance photos...:)

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