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Brad Pitt Photoshoot With Nordica Photography

April 1, 2010

Today started like every other for the Nordica wolfpack. Check the emails, Tweet, chug the first of 14 coffees for the day, eat deer meat – you know, the usual.

However, our faithful brethren, today is not like the others. Far from it. And all it took was one email to change that.

Before getting to that email, here’s a wee bit of context about where it came from.

If you aren’t die hard followers of our lil’business (basically if you’re not our parents), then perhaps you missed that back in the day, we photographed the Whistler Film Festival VIP Guest Lounge. It was awesome. We got to drink beers, hang out with awesome people, hammer back some wicked food, and basically schmooze away a day while taking pictures. It. Was. Great.

While at the festival, our inside joke was we should try to ruffle some feathers and start a vicious rumour that Brad Pitt was perusing the film festival. We figured that enough people think Jakob looks like Monsieur Pitt, so why not kid around and tell people he was actually Brad himself. Why not eh? Could be fun!

We didn’t actually do that at the festival. At least publicly, we kept our little joke as an inside one, and rumours ceased to come from us.

But, apparently someone was at the festival and heard our beer-induced ramblings about this little joke. And they thought it was a genuinely funny, yet true. Jakob (that asshole) actually does look like Brad Pitt, and thus bringing us to today’s email.

The man who overheard us speaking that day (this feels ridiculous to even say, but here goes) was Brad Pitt’s Commercial Agent, Todd Shemarya. Todd who? Yeah we know, we had to Google it too to verify if it actually was a person, but sure shit, this guy is the real deal.

Now why on earth would this man have emailed us? We don’t really have the words to sum it up, so here you go. The email that changed Nordica Photography forever.

Jakob Granqvist and Allan Roberts,

My name is Todd Shemarya and I am a Commercial Talent Agent based out of Orange County, California. Amongst my many clients is Brad Pitt, which is why I am contacting you today.

Near the end of 2009, I visited the Whistler Film Festival and was a part of Gabrielle Durning’s gift lounge, which you two were doing the photography for. I was there only for a few minutes, but we had shaken hands and you two were kind gentlemen. However, it was what you were discussing that caught my ear.

You two were speaking about my client, Mr. Pitt, and how the resemblance between Jakob and Brad was similar. After taking a few looks myself, I completely agreed with this comparison, and have delivered this message to Brad that there is a photographer in Canada who has a striking resemblance. This is rare, as you might expect.

Which brings me to why I am contacting you today. We have been scouting out a stand in for Brad to do a photoshoot in Vancouver. Brad will be there himself, and we would like for you two to conduct the shoot for us. What we require is for Jakob and Brad to have a series of photographs with one another and after that, individual shots of Jakob and Brad. Nordica is competent to conduct the shoot, and Brad is eager to get up to your beautiful city to have this done.

So, if you are interested in having participating in this photoshoot with Brad Pitt, we will be there April 12th. Please let us know if this photoshoot interests you. If you have any questions about this, my cell phone number is below.


Todd Shemarya

What to make of that eh? Well, we knew what to make of it: It’s total bullshit. That was our initial instinct. But, this Todd fella did include his phone number in the email, so we phoned him up right away. Low and behold, the guy isn’t full of it, and this actually is happening.

So, Brad Pitt will be coming to Vancouver in a few weeks and we have been asked to do his portraits. Can you believe that? And all this popped up because we were joking around that Jakob looks like Brad Pitt. Unreal.

We’re yet to work out the details, but it looks like that photo shoot will happen up in Grouse Mountain. There’s a movie being filmed up there in the summer that Brad is starring in, so they want an authentic look to the pictures. Cool eh?

So stay tuned to the Nordica site! We’ll put pictures up there when they’re done. And no, Angelina isn’t coming along – we asked that right away and it was big on the no!

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Tia Singh

    HEY!!! I took that picture!!!! SO I should be the one photographing ... OMG! @TiaSparkles

  2. Masey


  3. Carol Kerfoot

    Hey I am pretty sure if you need an assistant I am available that day! :D I knew I loved you two for a reason! Congratulations to both of you!! Be prepared for the ladies to be banging down your door. ( ps I just really want to be the assistant) and honestly this will be the first of many exciting things coming your way! WOW

  4. photodreamz

    Talk about a pr gig dream come true. Have fun!

  5. Amber Branny

    Very clever guys I am impressed! Reason why you two are my fav photog's in the city! Jakob-get ready-you're gonna be in for it now! ;)

  6. Kristi Ferguson

    OMG that's AWESOME!!!!!!! Hahaha - way to go guys!

  7. Erik Larsson

    Hum.. vad är det för dag idag?

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  10. Tia Singh

    Now can I tell everyone you edited my comment ;) Hehe knew it was April Fools joke but how much fun was it ay! @TiaSparkles

  11. april

    hahaha hilarious cole & jakob.............

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  14. Laura Hana

    Very convincing! Hahaha! Maybe something will come out of this one day? :)

  15. Girish

    Nice one. :) Hpf day

  16. Gabrielle Durning

    What??!! Lunacy. Yet. So. Cosmically. Perfect. Am jumping out of my boots for you two Zen bastards. Ummm, I do believe Mr. Shemarya actually named me in his letter to you. First AND last name...and you were there because of which event, ahem? I do believe I would make the perfect lighting grip, or coffee girl, or...?! I shall await your call :-) Cosmic Wizardess a.k.a - Gabrielle Durning (producer of that Gift Lounge, you know the one!)

  17. Gabrielle Durning

    Hey...wait a second! Me so stupid! I am definitely the classic April Fool. Rats. Ya got me.

  18. Sachin

    Genius!! you guys are a bunch of jokers.. hahahahaa

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