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Wedding Photographer Sweden // Emma & Emil

July 8, 2013

Emma and Emil got married at Bräcke Mölla in Höganäs, Sweden with the reception at Malvagården close by. It was a classic Swedish wedding in many ways that Emma and Emil made their own.

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Emma and Emil’s wedding is feature on Post Photo (Russian). På Svenska

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Boy Called Ben

    Absolutely magical.

  2. Matt Somerville Photography

    Windmill wedding with a double rainbow, c'mon now that's just ludicrous! Great work, beautiful as always, congrats!

  3. Ali Paul

    Your shots are magical as always. First frame is such a big win. And the double rainbow?! So GOOD.

  4. sachin

    Awesome frames!

  5. Nicola Thompson

    Its beautifully moody and I love it. Love the acrobatics!

  6. Julianne

    just perfect from beginning to end. You guys are amazing.


    your composition is KILLER! love EVERY SINGLE IMAGE

  8. Heather Kanilopoolos

    I adore the way you use the light. Gorgeous, gorgeous work <3

  9. Xanthe

    Hitting it completely out of the park, as usual! Beautiful work.

  10. Zosia

    I need to buy a thesaurus and start finding other words for awesome! Anyway...AWESOME!

  11. ed peers

    So good...

  12. Dennis Pike

    simply gorgeous work. nothing more needs to be said.

  13. Christian

    Wow - what a gorgeous place!! It looks like the kind of place I'd like to spend a month in...and get "off the grid". Great work.

  14. rich

    these are un freaking believable.

  15. kong wai

    Amazing !! Always love your work

  16. ryan

    double rainbow!! That's awesome.

  17. Anton Chia

    Wow that double rainbow, perfect day and perfect shots.

  18. Joseph West

    Once again, you guys kill it. The places you go and see. Just wow.

  19. Sinereh

    SO dreamy! These are really beautiful pictures

  20. Johanna

    Oh Sweden. <3 (Psst, I think you have some scret agreement with God when it comes to awesome sunsets and beautiful clouds.)

  21. Steve Koo

    It's always so refreshing to look over your work. This is fantastic!

  22. aga

    guys, please stop! you're killing it! Beautiful work.

  23. Thomas

    beautiful images. you frame the nature like no one else.

  24. mathias fast

    yeah. not really fair when you start off a post with a double rainbow over a windmill =) awesome stuff.

  25. neda blake

    Swedish weddings are close to my heart hehe really lovely

  26. David Josué

    bellísimo trabajo!

  27. Joseph Hall

    I love this insight into a classic Swedish wedding - amazing photos as always! Truly beautiful.

  28. Mario Colli

    Amazing guys. Your work is devine. American Photo next year will have to include you guys in best 2014 ;)

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