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Bröllopsfotograf Norrland // Emma & Elias

August 22, 2019

Bröllopsfotograf Norrland

To be a Bröllopsfotograf Norrland with the endless summer nights, it’s very special. Definitely there’s the endless winter darkness, but even that has a cozy appeal. There’s some magic in the north.

We knew that Emma and Elias’ wedding would be amazing – we cannot get enough of photographing weddings in northern Sweden – and their story was just that.

Forests and Summer

When we think of recent forest weddings we’ve done, Justyna and Jarrod’s Juvet wedding comes to mind. Even then, that was Norway and there’s just something so unique about the Swedish landscape. There’s no signature “thing” that captures your attention or steals the show – Sweden simply has endless beauty everywhere.

Returning North

Truth be told, we have a lot of love for the north for many reasons. One being we studied together in Umeå, which is not far from Skellefteå in the northern region called Västerbotten. Funny enough, with we do presentations with Nordica and one slide we show in our background story is from Umeå University when we studied there. There are three of us holding beers in the photo – Jakob, Cole, and Elias. So we’ve known one another for quite some time.

Västerbotten is also home to Sisters in Law wedding blog, who we have a lot of love for and can’t wait to visit their studio in person. So joining Emma and Elias for this amazing wedding had a lot more personal reasons as well.

Emma & Elias

This wedding was a perfect reflection of Emma and Elias. A stunning outdoor ceremony in a field, a perfect barn reception, with just a bit of absolute magic at midnight in the mist. The story was completely about them in the nature they love so much, and for that it was a perfect fit.

Photography this wedding just made us love the Swedish nature that much more. We thank these two for having Nordica play a small part in their wedding, and without further adieu, here is there nature-filled wedding from Skellefteå.

Bröllopsfotograf Norrland
Bröllopsfotograf Norrland
Bröllopsfotograf Norrland
Bröllopsfotograf Norrland
Bröllopsfotograf Norrland
Bröllopsfotograf Norrland

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Kristaps

    Loving these natural, warm colors. You got lucky with that sunset and fog in the evening!

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