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Bröllopsfotograf Sverige // Veronica & Martin

May 31, 2011

Compared to North Americans, Swedes are quiet, modest people. But then you put a few wobbly pops in them, the switch has been flicked and off they go to the races. So, they aren’t entirely dissimilar from North Americans in that regard.

And it’s this switch flicking moments of dancing mayhem along the sandy beaches in Tylösand (located just outside of Halmstad) which made Veronica and Martin’s so memorable. The sun was still awake at around 11PM, everybody was dancing themselves into a frenzy, and it was an all out party.

Precisely what Veronica wanted.

She had been looking forward to that party and everything went meticulously according to plan.

It was a perfect Swedish wedding.

Wedding Planners: Amazing Events
Hotel: Tylösand Hotel
Florist: K-design
Caterer: Restaurang Ekebacken
Hair and makeup: Salong Jakobsson

Veronica and Martin’s Swedish wedding was featured on Pretty Chic Blog. Post in Swedish.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. kmh

    very Swedish and very well captured guys!

  2. Jeremy Lim

    Always brilliant. Always.

  3. Kat Braman

    so many unbelievably cool photos, but the 3rd one down is blowing my mind.

  4. Andreas Holm

    wow! well done guys!

  5. aga


  6. Dennis Pike

    This is so good, start to finish. Every part of it is just expertly captured, really top notch work.

  7. Yasa

    Stunning! Teach me all you know and I will forever be in your debt. - A Canadian

  8. Anushe Low

    I was looking forward to this, did not disappoint. Totally awesome

  9. michele bowman

    such great coverage of a beautiful wedding!! i loved everything about your photos!

  10. Luis Godinez

    My goodness! You fellas, are nothing short of incredible. Are you The Incredibles?

  11. Caroline Ghetes

    You guys are way too good. You totally killed this one. How are you going top it?

  12. Blake Burton

    you guys continue to do amazing work! lighting is always good

  13. Sachin

    Sick one guys!

  14. April

    simple but beautiful...

  15. sam hurd

    haha, i mean seriously? every single one rules.

  16. Fer Juaristi

    So perfectly simple.

  17. gabe aceves

    this is amazing guys. f me.

  18. Shyann

    Very cool. Your weddings always amaze me!! Fantastic stuff!

  19. Reimund Trost

    You captured the swedish essence indeed. Awesome work.

  20. Kellee

    Totally rocked it! Love the perspective on the drink pouring shot.

  21. Girish

    Great shoot this. Love your style ! totally. The best are the black and whites. The treatment rocks.

  22. Jennifer

    Sooo much to love here. I'm a big fan of the randomness you capture (formal couple by half-naked folks). The church portrait with the window light is breathtaking, and as always, your party pics are fantastic!

  23. Shari

    Beautiful story, beautiful storytelling!

  24. Kristi Wright

    So amazing! I love your unique perspectives!! Love the getting ready shots.

  25. Laura Burlton

    Holy wow. These are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  26. Jared Tseng

    Incredible shots guys! The whole set is killer!

  27. otto

    just plain awsome yo!

  28. nadine

    beautiful, as usual :)

  29. Tenielle

    Oh my. As always... ridiculously good... what a location, what a couple, what a group of people.. what a perfect match for your mad skills.

  30. lena

    Ett magiskt bröllop i sommarsverige.. vilken dag och vilken fotograf.. helt fantastiskt.

  31. Mattias

    As someone already said, extremly swedish looking wedding :-) And extremly good looking pictures...

  32. Heather

    I adore that window-lit shot after the ceremony- it's a perfectly gorgeous moment.

  33. Mark

    Absolutely stunning images. Your post processing style is beautiful.

  34. Torben Bryllupsfotograf

    Very nice Work /Torben

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