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Cache Creek Wedding // Leah & Rhett // Preview

October 2, 2010

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. april

    I Like !!! let's see more !

  2. shipra

    gasp, that first image blows my mind. Gorgeous!

  3. Kelly Ry

    Oh my gosh, I. LOVE. That first image? FAN-freaking-TASTIC.

  4. matt shumate

    To agree with the others, the first one is pretty amazing, but the light in that last one is perfection!

  5. Jessi

    Lovin the cowboy boots & flower pic...not bad guys!

  6. soobum im

    wow great images. I love the third image the best

  7. Mark

    Jaw. On. Floor. You guys ROCK!!!

  8. Marianne Taylor

    Oh my god. Consider me blown away. Totally.

  9. Amber Hughes

    You're such a tease... can't wait to see the rest! ;)

  10. Csanad

    OMG. drooling on my keyboard. cant wait to see the rest, these are freaking awesome.

  11. Daniel Dunlap

    Only a preview? I'm really anticipating the rest as well! You guys are like an awesomeness churning factory.

  12. Heather Elizabeth

    This is going to be so ridiculously awesome. Can't wait to see them.

  13. Luis Toledo

    More! More! More!

  14. Heather

    I adore that first shot, but those boots are so awesome, too!!

  15. Samuel

    I'm in love with that first photo.

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