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Cache Creek Wedding Photography // Leah & Rhett

October 5, 2010

Before hiring us to photograph his daughter’s wedding in Cache Creek, Ken had a few insightful questions.

Ken wanted to know whether “Jakob and Cole” did more then just take pictures together (we answered “no”), if we were comfortable with the drive north (we answered “yes”), if we could handle the heat of the Interior throughout the day (we answered “yes”), and other such details.

Questions answered, answers affirmed, and the date was set.

We knew two things at that point. The name of the bride’s father was Ken, and we were heading to Cache Creek (which is a four hour drive north of Vancouver).

So we showed up on his 100 acre plot not knowing the bride’s name, the groom’s name, what the venue would be like, how big the wedding would be, and all the details in between.

To be thrown amidst a western-inspired, do it yourself wedding in the +28°C heat of the Bonaparte completely unknowing of what to expect turned out to be a hell of an experience. We wouldn’t have changed a thing.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Janis

    What a gorgeous setting. I love the Western feel. You captured their day beautifully.

  2. seth

    I love the light in these photos. The photo of them kissing and the one of them walking after their wedding is awesome! Great work.

  3. Stephanie Murray

    These are so great. I love the one with just the bride in black and white in the field - stunning.

  4. Sofia

    Sanslöst vackert! Kan inte förstå hur ni kan få till det! i.e. Insanely beautiful pictures!

  5. stephanie stewart

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE Your work!!!! Rhett and Leah look amazing, and I love your style!!!

  6. Natalie

    I love your unique eye as an artist, absolutely stunning imagery!

  7. Jessi

    Finally! Could the lighting have been any better fellas? Love every picture, you captured the details so well...great job! Gorgeous shots! Looks like a wedding out of a movie!

  8. Shyann

    Holy WOW!! This is one of the best weddings I've ever seen! Those bride and groom portraits were out of this world!! Fantastic.. Bad ass bike shots too!!

  9. nadine

    What a beautiful wedding, and your colors are so lovely!

  10. jean

    Unbelievable! I would not have expected to get choked up looking at photos of a stranger's wedding, but you've captured such beauty and emotion I couldn't help but get misty-eyed.

  11. ayesha

    man... the way you guys see things is just jawdropping. not just the wedding details... but moments throughout. so many brilliant favorites here... but the bride and groom portraits, the bike shots (wicked!!!) and the sunset silhouettes of the kids playing really stand out to me. and the timeless feel of your processing. you are freakin talented, for sure! also - stunning bride, light and wedding! :)

  12. Chris Murray

    Awesome wedding, and well captured. Love the shots of the dirt bikes flying through the air!

  13. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    Beautiful details. And those cowboy boots! I love that black and white photo of the boys grazing the field. Well done!

  14. Tia Singh

    What an EPIC wedding! Wow!! LOVE the flowers, the venue at night, the dusk shots, the gorgeous couple - awesome!!

  15. Deepa

    OMG this wedding is beautifully documented I am sure the couple & their family will cherish these pictures forever. Suprb work!!

  16. Deepa

    OMG this wedding is beautifully documented I am sure the couple and their family will cherish these pictures forever. Superb work!!

  17. Kyle

    It's official. You guys are the next big thing. I can't even believe how good this is!!!

  18. Alan Hutchison Photography

    Fabulous work and great storytelling in the images - just that shot of the map at the beginning is so inspired and instantly sets the mood for this set. Wonderful Photojournalism work that ticks all the boxes - who what where when why and how.

  19. Phill

    I'd like to buy a book of your wedding photos please, not simply to study and learn from them as wedding photos; they're always enthralling to look at just for what they are.

  20. Nathan Gilmer

    You have a really interesting color technique. I dig it a lot. Great shoot.

  21. Joshua Gull

    Dude, this wedding is ridiculous is a great way! Loving the dirt bike shots. Just epic all around.

  22. Becca Dilley

    Wow - so many interesting things going on in this wedding from the colorful details to the location, to the bikes, and you captured it beautifully.

  23. gabe aceves

    you guys are insane. this is one of the coolest weddings ive ever seen. killed it.

  24. corina thue

    beautiful pictures - leah & rhett will love them - the rest of the family already does - thanx for the amazing job!!

  25. ulla

    Fantastiska bilder,det är nästan så att man tycker att man varit med själv!!!!

  26. Nirav

    wow. What an awesome set of images!

  27. Mark

    You want me to be honest? You guys are pumping out some of the best wedding photography there is. World class stuff!

  28. Justine

    wow. My fav. are the bike pics, also love the bouquet. Simply Stunning.

  29. Amber Hughes

    Seriously seriously awesome wedding! Loved everything from the getting ready photos to the bike jumping over the groomsmen

  30. Jamie M Swanson

    The photos are ridiculously stunning. You already know that. But I was most taken by the bride's gorgeous bouquet. My most "favoritest" one I've ever seen, and I'm seriously jealous because it is what I wanted for my wedding and mine was nothing like it...

  31. suzanne

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any better... there were motorbikes. BOOM!

  32. Joakim

    Seriously, I have never seen a wedding session in on this level for years. You guys did an awesome work here.

  33. Greg Samborski

    Absolutely phenomenal wedding and photos. My wife and I scrolled though the event with the biggest of smiles, she even had tears. We recently had our wedding and she loved that their DIY flower designs were almost identical in concept to the ones she created - she dreams of being a florist. The men showing up on dirt-bikes (my favorite past time) got me all excited and we agreed this this will be the template for our Canadian wedding. Finally, you manged to capture the even so brilliantly, everything flowed, the light was amazing, no details were missed... on and on it goes. This was truly educational and inspirational for a guy passionate about taking pictures. This post made our day - thank you.

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  35. Nessa K

    This is marvelous. =)

  36. brooke

    oh, wow. you guys are really, really, really good at what you do - this wedding is incredible!

  37. Jonas Peterson

    Great, great work, boys. Hatten av.

  38. Paul Von Rieter

    sh*t man. This whole set is win. pure undistilled awesome sauce.

  39. Thomas Lester

    OMGosh! What an amazing wedding and an AMAZING job photographing the wedding. I don't even have words for how great you did. I'm not blowing smoke... I'm grabbing my wife right now to come look at this. It's perfect!

  40. Janet Palmer

    seriously thats a whole kind of an awesome... couldnt pick a fav :)

  41. Luis Toledo

    Wow. That's awesome.

  42. Carlos "Bawawa"

    WOW, great shoot, I can only imagine the experience it might have been, the people all look so warm coming, and the place it was shot is just over the top, this looks like it came out of a Dukes of Hazards episode. Well done and congradulations for the work.

  43. Bill Millios

    Awesome. Just ... awesome. What a lucky couple to have you as their photographers.

  44. cherron

    These are amazing.

  45. Az

    probably the coolest wedding ever

  46. Avelaine Scyrup

    Oh my word. You guys totally ROCKED this wedding! Every single image is killer.

  47. Heather

    Just... wow. Nordica knocks another one out of the solar system.

  48. Ned

    This is an amazing set, so creative. Great job.

  49. Kristi Wright

    I can't believe I have not seen these before - outstanding images. I really felt like I was there. This couple must be so in love with their wedding photos.

  50. Heather Grilliot

    there are just so many that I love! AMAZING job!!!!!

  51. Samuel

    These are stunning.. great work!

  52. Sara

    All photos are amazing! This wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings that I've seen !!!:)

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  54. Wedding photography kent

    I loved the photos. Specially those with curl hairs.

  55. Jordy

    Holy F. This is so rad. Dirt bikes at a wedding, so rad. Amazing work.

  56. Wedding photography kent

    The photos are marvelous.

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    So much details in all your photos, absolutely love them. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  59. james @ taunton wedding photographer

    Amazing quiet pictures that speak volumes about the betrothed couple. Beautiful wedding photography.

  60. Patrick Nzioka

    Hi I love your pictures,they are really amazing.I just wish to know the type of camera used

  61. Jacquie

    This is the wedding I wish I'd had! Well done.

  62. EE

    Fantastic photos! Love the colours and what a wedding! Beautiful! Great work!

  63. David Wilkins

    Beautiful Images, love your style

  64. Nigel Blacker

    Great set of wedding pictures really shows the day, lovely tones and what a location.

  65. Nigel Blacker

    Beautiful natural photography and what a location.

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