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Cancun Wedding Photographer // Alejandra & Pepe

September 5, 2011

A few of months ago I flew down to Xcaret, just outside Cancun in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico, to shoot a wedding with one of the most talented wedding photographers in the world. Senor Fer Juaristi.

A couple of days later I returned to Vancouver, having shot a wedding with not only one of the most talented wedding photographers in the world, but also one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met.

These are some of my favourite shots from Alejandra and Pepe’s day in the Mexican jungle.


Alejandra and Pepe’s jungle wedding was featured in The Lane.


By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Kat Braman

    this is unreal! so so so many incredible shots. the guy with that hat I want on my wall. Fer is second shooting with me in November and I CANNOT wait. Hope I remember to actually shoot rather than just watch him the whole time.

  2. Nessa K

    There aren't words for how amazing this is.

  3. Alisa Lillico

    Breathtakingly beautiful work!

  4. Andreas Holm

    wow, this!

  5. Johanna Hietanen

    I need to express myself in Finnish now: Sairaaaaan makeita!

  6. daniel chesnut

    whoa. seriously unreal.

  7. nirav

    Outrageous. So good friends

  8. fer juaristi

    awesome set bro, thanks for joining the ride.

  9. sam hurd

    i like this. i really do.

  10. Alyda

    Sheeeeeeeiiiittttttttttttt every image is incredible!

  11. john benavente

    love that old guy with the hat!

  12. Luis Godinez

    You guys always bring the noise to the rock show. You killin' it nonstop. Amazing shots and angles :)

  13. Geoff

    Guys you seriously BLOW MY MIND every time I see your pictures!

  14. Teresa K

    complete and utter well done

  15. Chelsey

    Fourth shot down is epic. And I'm loving that frame of the glasses with ice.

  16. Leah Kua

    You make me want to be better. I always enjoy your work. Awesome!

  17. Alan Langley | Kent Wedding Photographers

    Amazing - staggering use of light.

  18. Ariana

    Wow, amazing photos.

  19. Matthew Evans

    Brilliant work. Brilliant.

  20. Drew Gregory

    Wow, just wow you absolutely killed it!

  21. Tall


  22. Ryan Brenizer

    All good, but there are some frames in there that are RIDICULOUS.

  23. Heather J.

    Just amazing. I agree with Senor Brenizer.

  24. stew

    beautiful work guys! nice one!

  25. Caroline Ghetes

    I quit. No, I'm not, but seriously, you make me want to be a better photographer. Like, AYKM???

  26. Daniel

    You guys make me want to quit being a wedding photographer! Rock solid!

  27. Michael Wachniak

    Your PJ stuff is incredible dude. For real.

  28. ryan flynn

    That's probably my favorite bouquet toss photo I've ever seen. Super impressive set.

  29. andrea


  30. David Robertson

    this is INSANE! massive props!

  31. Guacira Naves

    You continue to outdo yourselves. Stunning work... this is just amazing. Your photography belongs in galleries!

  32. Nathan Gilmer

    There is so much craziness going on here! I love it. Great captures!

  33. Sachin

    crazyness yo!

  34. gabe aceves

    flat out amazing. so good my friend.

  35. Sonia Jansson

    Smällkäft. som sagt. Underbart!

  36. Brigitte Grenfeldt

    Grymt, Jacob!

  37. Karin linden

    Outstanding! Teach me! :-)

  38. Karin linden

    Outstanding as per usual!

  39. Stig

    magic & mystery..!!

  40. Mark Parker

    Mafiaoso! Very cool!!

  41. Girish

    Absolutely fantastic. Love the images. You are traveling places, this a different, very different kind of setup. Love the lighting here. Fantastic costumes. One of my favorites is the old man with hat, looks like a scene straight from Godfather movie :)

  42. Heather


  43. Adam Cavanagh

    Crazy awesome!

  44. Farhad Samari

    I've photographed on a movie set before and that's exactly what these look like, movie stills!!! Amazing job of capturing this awesome wedding.

  45. Brooke Fitts

    love . seriously, excellent .

  46. Kellee Walsh

    Full bottle of awesome sauce!

  47. Jesse Schafer

    Holy crap. Great embrace of shadows.

  48. Annelie

    Fy fan vad bra! You're so talented and inspiring!

  49. David

    Beautiful. Those night shots are amazing!

  50. michele bowman

    LOVE! so moody and edgy. i adore all the balloon photos, and especially love the wrestler mask! beautiful!

  51. lukasz bak


  52. Jerzy Modrak

    What a wedding! Never seen anything like that.

  53. Fotograf Lublin

    We return here in every single day! Your photos are so inspiring. Full of fantastic light and colours.

  54. Javi

    Amazing job!! Congratulations!!

  55. Martins Kikulis

    This is superb!

  56. Misha Taunton

    Just can't say no to spiderman.

  57. Shawn Sharp

    I'm so jealous! These are amazing. I love how they have an old world feel to them.

  58. Bartlett Pair Photography

    What is that lava pit looking thing lol!

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