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Cancun Wedding // Raegen & Doug

January 18, 2012

Destination weddings in Cancun, Mexico, can be painted with a stereotypical brush from time to time.

Beers. Sun. Beach. Party. Big hats. Tequila. More party.

You know the drill.

The story doesn’t always need to be told that way though. It doesn’t always have to be all sunshine and roses.

Raegen and Doug struck us as an intense couple. They are fun, for sure, but they also have a seriousness to them that we really liked. This broody feel was what motivated us when we photographed their wedding.

It’s OK to be serious once in a while.

[audio:óley-Smashed-Birds.mp3|titles=Sóley – Smashed Birds]

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Tyler

    i think you guys are really good at what you do.

  2. Javier Abad

    Good work guys!!

  3. Jenna Baze (aka: The Awkward Photographer)

    Your work constantly inspires me. The naturalness... the unique perspective... the mood. I love it all.

  4. Sarah

    This is just gorgeous! I never considered myself a beach bride, but you may have converted me :)

  5. Carolina

    Oh guys, this is so amazing! I am working on getting my plan ready so I can learn from you. :) Awesome work

  6. Teresa K

    Superb, truly. But honestly, I expect no less every time I come to your site. You guys never disappoint.

  7. Heather J

    So I've come to realize that the reason I like your work so much is because it reminds me of Wes Anderson films. This post especially. Great work, you two.

  8. sam hurd

    dibs on a post card :)

  9. Fotograf Fredric

    Vajjert! Blir badsugen :-)

  10. nirav

    Beautifully captured my friends. Love those rain shots!

  11. Shyann

    Amazing, I love your unique vision on these. Such a wonderful wedding.

  12. Mary Sylvia

    Some amazing shots in the rain, but my favorite is the one with the little girl on the bed watching everyone...lovely.

  13. Sonal

    Just beautiful. I feel like I was there.

  14. Mike and Frida Photography

    Love the framing in the wide-angle (24mm?) shot of "the kiss". : D

  15. Zosia

    So so good guys! Those moody clouds are amazing!

  16. Jean

    Art. Your work is so magical, Cole and Jakob. You two never cease to amaze.

  17. Anne Marie Carson

    Amazing, as usual from you guys. I have to say I LOVE her dress (and equally so that she chose a color, while others in the wedding party wore white).

  18. Darko

    Fantastic set - I can't decide if I prefer the color or the BW shots - they are all amazing!

  19. Kat Braman

    this image is crazy cool - love the way you're using exposure to tell a story

  20. Kyle

    I am going to bookmark this post and come back to it again and again and again for inspiration! Amazing. And I love the shot of the guy with the portrait right behind him looking at him!

  21. Fe

    Wow! Just wow! Your work is amazing :)

  22. Sarah

    Incredible shots. The baby and the mother in the sudden rainstorm gave me chills, so beautiful.

  23. Sachin Khona

    Top drawer work fellas.. love this wedding!

  24. Brian Furbush

    Great set per usual fellas. Really love the moody cloud shots as well as the epic bodybuilder.

  25. Jesse Pafundi

    Going out on a limb here and saying these photographs are really good.

  26. gabe aceves

    its unbelievable how you guys roll. seriously, amazing work gentlemen. i love visiting.

  27. Sinereh

    This is amazing! And the feet shot is just magical.

  28. Leah Muse

    Her dress is stunning! Fabulous work, as always. Love their day!

  29. Caroline

    Yeah, so, you guys blew my mind with this wedding. This is my favorite:

  30. ALMA

    Ridiculously Awesome!

  31. Gretchen Adams

    Beautiful images

  32. Michael Wachniak

    Not sure how I missed this... but wow. Killed it, guys.Amazing!

  33. Mattias

    M m m :-) From dawn to dusk, perfect!

  34. Sara Norrehed

    My gosh - I l.o.v.e it!!

  35. Harvard

    Had me at shiny muscle man.

  36. ed peers

    So damn good.

  37. Julie Harris

    Lovely wedding... I especially like the atmospheric photos... the sky, the beach, the birds, the rainbow, etc. Adds a lot of drama to the event.

  38. Vanessa

    Love the colours you captured of the waiter making the drink that's on fire - so amazing!! Great photos!!

  39. Jakub Majewski

    Bravo guys, it was a great adventure, the weather and those colours. Awesome!

  40. Ric Latham

    Love them, fantastic images!

  41. Nick Lance

    So natural and I loved the lady holding her baby in the rain. Amazing!

  42. Elliot Anderson

    Love the muscle man shot! Great post all around per usual.

  43. Kris Mackesty

    These photos are amazingly good. Very inspiring and truly some of the best work I've seen in a long time.

  44. Derek

    Beautiful wedding! Love all the emotions you captured and your eye for details!

  45. Ever

    Really cool pics! Thanks for sharing

  46. Gautam Narayanan Manchester UK

    Amazing shots ! Just excellent..

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