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July 17, 2013

Turquoise waters, smouldering humidity, Presidente beers, and partying with family and friends in the Dominican Republic. Rotha and David’s destination wedding entailed a jaunt to Altos de Chavón to the Amphitheater to take in the +35C heat and 100% humidity, a catamaran journey to secluded bays for cocktails and lobster in the sea, and of course a culturally infused wedding along the beaches of Bávaro.

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Rotha and David’s wedding is feature on Post Photo (Russian).

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. temecula wedding photographer

    oh my freaking awesome ! Great photographs!

  2. Matt Somerville Photography

    Sensational, loving the Amphitheater shots & the BW bride shot with her back to the camera - love it!

  3. Mike

    Awesome stuff, as always!

  4. caroline

    That second image, yes. And the third to last image, whoah. LOVE this set. Seriously nice work as usual, dudes.

  5. Jon S6

    sweeeet, this is hot, and looks hot

  6. Dennis Berti

    Amazing photos guys! It's always a pleasure to see your new posts

  7. Shari DeAngelo

    I'm sitting here with the same expression, same thumbs up as the kid with the Adidas t-shirt. Another killer set from you guys!

  8. Julianne

    I just love that silhouette in the beginning, and them jumping into the water, and the scenery, and... all of it, seriously all of this is awesome.

  9. Victor Saidov

    Wow! This is amazing! The photos are so beautiful I want to go there!

  10. Photographer Guy Ryan

    i know it can get brutally humid there, but the photographs came out fantastic . I am sure it was worth the trip :)

  11. mike

    Hot hot hot.

  12. Zosia

    Ooooh that water! The location! Can't wait to see the rest of this wedding :)

  13. Fotograf Ślubny Lublin

    Absolutely amazing shots and places!

  14. Dominique

    Yeah I love this. Great work as always :)

  15. small

    Wow. That beach looks so fantastic and the photos in the giant amphitheater are so awesome!

  16. mathias

    love the contrast between the 5th and 6th image. two thumbs up!

  17. Natalie Gibbs

    Man, I LOVE your work so much. My favorite here is the shot of the bride and groom tromping off through the water, but they're all remarkable. Well done, as usual!

  18. bryan

    #10. jaw on floor.

  19. heather nan

    Incredible preview! So well done, (as always)!

  20. Katya Nova

    amazeballs! absolutely incredible to see these places through your eyes!

  21. Jessica

    Always, always great.

  22. Natallia

    I just love that first picture of the bride against the yellow wall!

  23. Joseph Hall

    A lovely fun feel - fantastic images of a fantastic day.

  24. Dale Lempa

    Perfect compositions. Every time.

  25. wowApic

    Wow!!! The photographs had been taken in different places, makes it to feel wonderful. Apart from the wedding i could see many more amazing things here. Thanks for sharing..

  26. Fotograf Kraśnik

    Amazing! How do you do it...

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