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Chilliwack Engagement Photography // Mandy & Bobby

May 13, 2011

This is Bobby and Mandy, and we did their engagement session in Chilliwack. The ‘Wack is located in the Fraser Valley about an hour or so east of Vancouver.

Now. This session was interesting for a few reasons, the biggest for Cole being the history with Bobby.

The first time the two met was when they were both about 11. It was at a hockey tournament in Whistler, and Bobby had legendary status for being a tough guy. Strange for an 11 year old, eh?

But that status held true because during a game against one another, Bobby somehow found a reason to get into a fight with the ref. It’s pretty comical to think about now, but at the time, it sort of cemented Bobby’s title as a guy you don’t mess with.

Fast forward through the teen years, and Bobby and Cole played tons of junior hockey against one another all around BC.

So, doing these engagement pictures was kind of interesting, and who would have thought this would happen after all those years of junior hockey.

Bobby and Mandy will be getting married at the Fraser River Lodge this summer.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. kmh

    really killer frames and locations here!

  2. Luis Godinez

    Nice, very nice!!! :)

  3. Josh

    You guys are my most favorite photographers in the world.

  4. Girish

    Brilliant photographs. I really like the compositions. Great focus, poses. Well done.

  5. Tyler

    sooo good. couldn't ask for a better session.

  6. Emily Porter

    I always get really excited when I click a link to one of your posts. You never fail to deliver really, really outstanding work. Love your color AND black and whites!

  7. Mike

    Sweet set! Loving the bridge shots!

  8. Blake Burton

    really awesome guys continue to produce QUALITY

  9. Josh

    Insanely awesome and beautiful locations. Great light and compositions! Super creative!

  10. Porter

    AWESOME, i love these! the locations is fantastic, i love those places that wouldnt ordinarily think of, great work!

  11. Ashley Gillett

    Lovely work Cole. The one portrait of the girl with her hair blowing in the wind is so pretty. :)

  12. Jessica Schilling

    Beautiful, as always. I especially love the series of the hair flying all around that sweet face - very playful and whimsical.

  13. Razvan

    The way you guys use architecture and natural lines in your frames is absolute perfection!

  14. Andy Barnhart

    Beautiful photography! Nice job!

  15. Thomas Lester

    Your images never fail to amaze! Your compositions are incredible. I love the images. Once again... out of the park!

  16. Teresa K

    gorgeous imagery...true art...inspiring

  17. Johanna

    All the others have said the things I was about to say, so I will just say: AWESOME photos :)

  18. Paul Von Rieter

    I am going to have to ask you to put down the camera and step away from it... on account of too much awesomeness being made with it. Brilliant work guys. as per usual.

  19. alyda

    gaahhhh every frame is amazing! incredible locations & photography :)

  20. Heather

    Fabulous use of the space around them! I adore that second to last one.

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