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Chinatown Engagement Photography // Kristyn & Michael

April 8, 2011

Wedding in Cancun, Mexico? Yep, why not. That’s where Krystin and Michael are headed in the not-too-distant future. Lucky buggers.

We did their engagement session in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Next to San Francisco, Vancouver’s Chinatown is the biggest in North America. There’s your useless fact of the day.

Aside from a bird shitting on Michael a minute after we shook hands for the first time, this session turned out swimmingly.

Cool people, great location, sunny day. This is why we really like our jobs.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Blake Burton

    love all the angles!

  2. Nirav

    Do you guys ever sleep or are you always out creating amazing photographs?

  3. Sach

    Gorgeous work guys!

  4. Adam Cavanagh

    Wicked work! Soo creative, love it!

  5. Josh Mitchell

    Great use of shadows. That last shot is killer.

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