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March 28, 2010

So let’s be clear about one thing folks: Wedding photography is our bread and butter.

However, we like photography a whole hell of a lot, which is why we like to dip our toes into different water from time to time. We can’t do weddings everyday of the week right? And we don’t want our cameras to get rusty eh!

Enter into the picture then The Vogue and The Venue (which are massive venues on Granville Street if you’re unfamiliar).

First of all, you’ll be seeing loads of pictures from The Vogue in the near future. Basically, we’ve reached a cordial agreement with them to provide photography for all their shows and events. Not a bad gig!

Secondly, band photos from the Venue. We don’t plan on being there a lot (unless we’re asked!) but for one show last week, we were indeed asked to provide our services. The band that was playing was called Beyond the Fall, and they were actually a band that we did a shoot with before Christmas.

So, we’re mixing it up a bit from weddings and social media photography, and what a great way to do so! That being said, if you have an event, you’re in a band or anything else along those lines and you need some photography done, fire us an email and we can maybe work something out!

Here are a couple gritty black and whiters’ from two shows over the last week: Beyond the Fall and Jon Anderson.

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Girish

    Concert photography is something that tests your skills a lot. Low-light and such fast actions. Taking good, still shots is really tough. What gear you using for this shoot.

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