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Couple Photography // Susan & Jag

June 23, 2011

A while back, we photographed a Mehndi ceremony. It was our first time seeing this and it was awesome.

Coming up soon, Susan will have her Mehndi ceremony before her wedding and we’ll be there for that as well.

Susan and Jag are having a Sikh wedding, and the colours and cultural bonanza will definitely be wicked.

We did a casual photography session with them in and around Gastown.

By Cole & Jakob  

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    Wow, you guys are always so amazing. You guys are a great inspiration for me and it's always pleasure when I see new work from you guys. :)

  2. Shell Bailey

    What a gorgeous couple! My favorite is the one where they're looking at each other in the middle of the street- the poses, the composition, beautiful!

  3. sam hurd

    ummm. ok. this is one of my favs so far this year. from any photographer.

  4. rich

    wow - that is completely wild. you guys kick all kinds of ass

  5. Leah Muse

    These are so original and gorgeous.

  6. Elin Ivemo Photography

    Fabolus, as always! i really like the black and white with him kissing her forehead.

  7. Kellee

    Brilliant session as always!

  8. michele bowman

    you always have the coolest compositions! i always love looking at your work! great job!

  9. Becca Dilley

    Gorgeous couple, amazing photos. I like the combination engagement session/post-apocalyptic thriller :)

  10. kyle

    You guys are so creative with every session you do, it's seriously blows my mind. I don't know how you do it session after session!!!

  11. Shyann

    Amazing session! I loove the one with the skyline in the background! :) Just wonderful

  12. Marie Lloyd

    Wow I really felt like you blew my mind a little with these. Just intense! I love them!

  13. April

    What a handsome couple !

  14. Brad Ross

    I feel like I just watched an award winning silent film. I even made up my own plot. Sweet stuff!

  15. Sally

    Aaahh!!! These are so cool - I love every single shot! :) Awesome.

  16. Darko

    Nothing but the usual dose of awesomeness from you guys. Fabulous!!!

  17. Caroline Ghetes

    I LURV these. I mean you guys are killin' it!

  18. geneoh

    great work as always, love #7.

  19. alyda

    i like this session. a lot. a whole lot.

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