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Croatia Wedding Photographer // Natalie and Grant

August 5, 2013

Iž, Croatia. Close to the islands of Knežak, Rutnjak and Fulija.

Heard of it? No? Neither had we.

This tiny island on the west coast of Croatia, opposite Italy in the Adriatic Sea, is where Natalie’s father grew up. It’s a short boat ride from the larger city of Zadar and considering how stunning the island is, you’d expect it to be full of tourists. It’s not, though. There are barely any roads, let alone touristy restaurants and bars. All there is is stunning nature, old buildings and small, charming marinas. And very friendly Croatian people.

Natalie has spent many months exploring her parents’ homecountry, and for their wedding she wanted to bring her and Grant’s families from all over the world together in this place that means so much to her. They all enjoyed a couple days together in one of the island’s few hotels, celebrating Natalie and Grant’s big day in style (Croatian style, that means lots of Slivovitz).

It was fantastic.

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Natalie and Grant’s wedding is feature on Post Photo (Russian).

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. kristi wright

    What a dream! I'm dying to go to Croatia. Shoot a wedding there? Yes, please :). Beautiful work, guys. Love that shot of the couple near the laundry line. So cool!

  2. Anni

    These are stunning. Croatia looks so beautiful (as does Natalie!), amazing work.

  3. fer juaristi

    magic par de locos

  4. Joseph Hall

    Gorgeous, stunning place, stunning shots. I went there a while back, such a pretty, part of the world. Camera wizards!

  5. Natalie Champa Jennings

    Cats, the Adriatic, and a lovely bride. What's not to love? Well done.

  6. Photographer Guy Ryan

    AMAZING! Your images really make your blog followers feel like we were there. Great stuff guys!

  7. Rik Pennington

    Beautifully observed and documented as always.

  8. Dennis Pike

    Absolutely stunning work. I think Croatia just made my must go to travel list.

  9. Brano

    Nice wedding in nice country. You should shoot more weddings in "Eastern" Europe.

  10. Skillie

    MAGNIFICENT! Love your work!

  11. Johanna

    Coming back to your page/blog always feels like coming back to home, where I love everything I see and can breathe more easily. This wedding is once again so beautiful and beautifully captured. I've always wanted to visit Croatia so I'm a bit jealous. <3

  12. Heather Kanilopoolos

    You have such a gorgeous documentary style. Clean and truthful, and so full of beauty.

  13. Occasions In Print

    Beautiful photos! What a gorgeous place!

  14. Mattias

    Sweet! A perfect wedding, almost as beautiful as a swedish one ;-)* * just kidding :-D

  15. Beatrice Bolmgren

    Finns bara ett ord: WOW!

  16. bryan

    absolutely stunning work as always :)

  17. Petar

    AMAZING!! Just correct name is "Sljivovica" will learn it next time :-)

  18. Alen Abdula

    Everyone should go to Croatia. Truly amazing place. And anyone looking for Sljiva in the US, look for funny looking bottle of plum brandy.

  19. Shyann

    Wow. Dream wedding. Truly amazing work.

  20. Mary Sylvia

    Um, yes Damn.

  21. Przemysław Wróbel

    Beautiful images. The charming and magnetizing. Very well done

  22. Sam Docker

    This is stupidly good you guys!

  23. Fotografia Boda

    Every post is a master in wedding photograpy, as usual, really beautiful.

  24. ed peers

    Yes guys. Just awesome.

  25. Kim Rix Photography

    Some great captures! I'd love to go to Croatia - you've tempted me!

  26. Ross Harvey

    Beautiful stuff guys!

  27. Jessica

    I just don't even know where to begin. You dudes really set the bar.

  28. Tim Kelly

    These shots are so good. I love the whole feeling these photos create. Oh man, I have got to get back to Croatia soon.

  29. Katie Jane

    I am dying to go to Croatia. These are perfect.

  30. mathias

    the b&w's of the bride on the stairs is just damn GOOD.

  31. Tomasz Wagner

    These are so good!

  32. Girish

    Awesome pictures. Those 2-3 couple shots before the old door in the alley.. too good :)

  33. Bec

    she is DIVINE. Location is wonderful, and again as always, you have just nailed it.

  34. Dale Lempa

    Beautiful documentary captures. Awesome moments.

  35. Andreas Holm

    As always, stunning work!

  36. neda blake

    you guys do the coolest weddinga in amazing locations. Really lovely images and great moments !

  37. gee

    small and sweet

  38. Britney

    Wow! It's not often I really believe people when they say words. But I really did feel within the story while looking through here. Thank you.

  39. Lisa Pires

    Wow, I feel like I was there. You are an amazing photographer!

  40. Marie

    Sweet guys, a beautiful location x

  41. Daicar Estudio

    Such an inspiration... Keep the amazing job. Congratulations! :)

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