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Destination Wedding Photographer

We have photographed weddings and done photography work all around the world. We plan on doing weddings and workshops throughout Europe in years to come. Travelling is our thing.

We want to photograph weddings in as many countries as possible, so if you have found this site and are planning a wedding in any of the following places,we would love to hear from you.

Weddings in Norway

Oslo (English) // Oslo (Svenska)
Trondheim (English) // Trondheim (Svenska)
Stavanger (English) // Stavanger (Svenska)
Bergen (English) // Bergen (Svenska)

Weddings in Denmark

Copenhagen (English) // Köpenhamn (Svenska)
Aarhus (English) // Århus (Svenska)

Weddings in Finland

Helsinki (English) // Helsingfors (Svenska)
Turku (English) // Åbo (Svenska)

Weddings in Sweden

Stockholm (English) // Stockholm (Svenska)
Uppsala (English) // Uppsala (Svenska)
Gothenburg (English) // Göteborg (Svenska)
Malmo (English) // Malmö (Svenska)
Umea (English) // Umeå (Svenska)
Gavle (English) // Gävle (Svenska)
Sundsvall (English) // Sundsvall (Svenska)
Halmstad (English) // Halmstad (Svenska)

Stockholm Wedding Venues (English)

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