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Document You // Hahn & John

April 11, 2012

Hosting a forest wedding makes sense if you’re into forests and nature.

Or a mountain wedding. Or a beach wedding. Or a bingo-hall wedding (if bingo is your thing).

If it makes sense and it fits, you could really have a wedding almost anywhere. As long as it’s non-contrived.

Same goes for Document You sessions. Hahn and John made it crystal clear when we first met them: They like nature and they like to hike. This is what they do together in their spare time and for them to get out into the woods is a very natural thing to do.

Their wedding will be in a mountainous rainforest this summer. For their Document You, we picked a different mountainous rainforest, about a two hour drive from downtown Vancouver.

It was a natural fit.


By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Jennifer Williams

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. aga

    wow for the photos and the location! Just amazing!

  3. Tyler

    so what you're saying is you took incredible pictures in fangorn forest...

  4. geneoh

    I love your forests. Great session, guys.

  5. Max

    You guys rule!

  6. Paul Krol

    great location and great job! love the one where they are standing in the 'wheel' :-)

  7. Mario

    Great forest!

  8. Albert Palmer

    What an incredible start to a blog post. You guys are simply epic.

  9. Jean

    Such breathtaking scenery, and a very cool couple. This blows me away!

  10. Alyssa Schroeder

    Absolutely beautiful, I love the tilt-shift ones especially!

  11. Ariana

    These images are so amazing! What a great location.

  12. mike

    009 = epic.

  13. Shari

    wow...LOVE this location! Beautiful photos, as usual!

  14. Nessa K

    Absolutely beautiful. <3

  15. gee

    nordica ..........

  16. Jenna Baze (aka: The Awkward Photographer)

    The music you pick to go with your posts always leaves me sitting here stunned. Gorgeous photos. 016 is... very cool.

  17. Girish

    Beautiful shots and such an amazing location.

  18. Johanna

    That forest is out of this world beautiful.

  19. heather nan

    Ridiculous. This forest rules... as do your images.

  20. Micah Jones

    Really love your style, fellas. Keep it up :)

  21. Amanda Basteen

    These are awesome! I'm so jealous of all the different scenery you have to work with! We have fields and more fields.

  22. Kellee Walsh

    What an incredible setting! Amazing images start to finish!

  23. Andy Gaines

    Great post - Whole lotta space going on...

  24. /mariahedengren

    Very beautiful place, I like how you worked with it. Once again, fantastic images!

  25. Nikki

    Above and beyond. This whole session is breath taking, I love everything about it. Bravo!

  26. Bec

    wow what a location, and what stunning portraits you guys have created for these people. They are beautiful, and each and everyone would look brilliant as a huge canvas! ;) without the risk of sounding like a teenage fangirl, this place reminded me of Twilight!! :) x

  27. TylerIngram

    Ah Gold Creek up at Golden Ears Provincial Park :) I recognize that bridge and river. Nicely done!

  28. Brian

    So good...that forest is insane. Really like the personality in all these shots. You guys rock

  29. s h e r r y

    Love the second to last shot! :)

  30. Rik Pennington


  31. Lee Boswell

    Amazing amazing photographs. They really make you realise how small we are in this massive world. Great work!

  32. Kim

    It seems funny to say this totally overused word when you just wrote about being uncontrived, but dude, those trees are freaking EPIC. Beautiful post, as always, guys.

  33. fotografia ślubna wrocław

    I really like this weblog site, will surely come back once more.

  34. stefan ~ Photographer Luzern

    once again. awesomeness in its purest form :)

  35. Ella Gagiano

    I LOVE your work, guys! So unique and original. :-)

  36. Emma Jane

    Amazing work and stunning location! Love the tilt shift ones esp!

  37. Seth

    soooooo good. it hurts.

  38. Derek

    Epic session! Love the TS in the woods and the black and white shot with the crazy tree limbs!

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