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Document You // Sarah & Rich

May 21, 2012

Prior to their destination elopement wedding in Tofino, Vancouver Island, Sarah and Rich had a story to share with us about their connection to Tim Hortons. In case you’re unfamiliar with Tim Hortons, it’s a coffee shop that can be found across the country and is a staple of Canadian culture. Ask anyone in Canada about Tim Hortons and they’ll know it has great coffee, donuts and was started by a hockey player.

Sarah and Richard’s story with Tim Hortons dates back to when they first started dating. This particular coffee shop on River Road in Delta (outside of Vancouver) is located roughly in the middle between where the two were living, so prior to work every day, this was where they would meet. Every day.

This soon became their ‘thing’ and they kept it going for a long time. And when they weren’t having coffees at the Tim Hortons, they would hang out at various spots along River Road.

So, for their Document You session, we decided to take that route too, and document them in those places they know so very well by now.

Eventually, when Richard was ready to propose to Sarah, he did it with the ring at the bottom of a Tim Hortons coffee cup. The proposal lead to another cool story, involving keeping secrets, a mystery picnic, a ceremony in a rainforest and a crazy dog.

But we’ll leave that to another day.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Christian Gideon

    Great work gents. The b/w shot in the forest is ridic

  2. Anni

    Without a doubt, my favorite thing about your photography, Cole and Jakob, is your ability to tell a story incredibly well. It says a great deal about your personalities, openness and interactions with people that you can pinpoint that everyday things that make life so beautiful and showcase them so well.

  3. mike

    Niiice. There are Tim Hortons in Michigan...that's where I first heard of 'em.

  4. Paul Von Rieter

    Great, now I want donuts. Awesome shoot, I think I am in love with the moody black and white of them in the forest.

  5. nirav

    Love these two, love you two. Excellent work fellas.

  6. Edward Maurer

    Love the Tim Hortons Theme! Great work.

  7. John

    So Canadian. So good!

  8. Daniel Dunlap

    You guys do such baller work. I love the lumberjack awesomeness!

  9. PJ Photos

    As always great!! Gret work,k

  10. Dylan

    I'm in love with the way you both see the world.

  11. Stephen Rotondo

    Too good guys, I just love these!

  12. Phill

    Stills from a movie telling the story of true love. Beautiful as ever guys.

  13. Kyle

    Stop being so ridiculous. These kinds of sessions that you guys do just blow my mind.

  14. Albert Palmer

    Lovely work fellas - digging Sarah's glasses :o)

  15. Alyda

    Dang you guys are good!! Wish we had tried those Tim bits (did I get it right?)

  16. James Fear

    So, cool, simple and timeless. perfect

  17. nikki

    Who would of thought a Tim Horton's would of been so photogenic. Only you two could pull this off so beautifully. Killer work once again.

  18. kong wai

    I am a fan of your works, very nice !! love the B/w photos so much

  19. Sara


  20. Erin K Wilson

    Really adorable!

  21. heather nan

    Love the intro story... want more. In love with the wooden black & white image. The whole set is wonderful.

  22. Kelsie Taylor

    so awesome! i love how creative this couple was! you did a great job capturing a unique session

  23. Sarah Rominger

    love that last shot... and of course, Sarah's glasses. =) so fun!

  24. matt stanton

    Love it all, the style, compositions! I'm a huge fan of your work!

  25. Girish

    Very nice pictures, I like the idea of these sessions.

  26. Darin Collison

    Simply bitchin'. And now I want a coffee, too.

  27. AdonyeJaja

    Sweet set, I just come here to take notes now. seriously great work!

  28. jonny

    of course these images are killer. i expect nothing less from you guys. and plaid couples are the best couples.

  29. Anton Chia

    Love the color scheme you played, love the checkers, love how it gels with Tim Hortons. You artists!

  30. sam hurd


  31. Leah Kua

    These are just perfect. Every couple should do this for themselves. All the time!!

  32. Mercedes

    These are so, so good. I love their story.

  33. Nessa K

    All I keep thinking is "I want to hang out with them." You kind of make me fall in love with all of your clients. :)

  34. fotografia ślubna wrocław

    Fabulous images!

  35. Max

    Hi Cole! Thanks for this just awesome shots! Those in the forest are great! ) Please see my black and white photos on Hotshoe: Thanks! Have a great day!

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