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DTES Engagement Photography // Kelly & Jordan

November 10, 2010

This engagement session was photographed in an area of Vancouver called the Downtown Eastside.

The area is a bit on the ‘gritty’ side, which is what we were trying to convey with the pictures.

The couple is Kelly and Jordan. They will be getting married in February of 2012 in the Caribbean.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Ben Godkin

    OMG! These are freaking incredible! The color tones match the setting perfectly! Veryu creative compositions and angles.

  2. Paul Rowland

    Great set of images - I saw the initial preview, so it was great to see the rest of them!

  3. Ryan Brenizer

    Used the location absolutely to its fullest. Great stuff.

  4. gabe aceves

    no joke this is quickly becoming my favorite photography blog. you dudes are amazatron.

  5. Tall

    Love the yellow arrows and the DOF in the fence shots - so cool.

  6. Kat Braman

    love the one with the two holes you can see their eyes through. I love the use of symmetry throughout the post.

  7. Kellee

    Fantastic locations. Fanstastic mood.

  8. Mark

    Every time I visit your blog I am blown away. This is no exception. Stunning work

  9. Girish

    Nice photographs. Great treatment.

  10. Phill

    Geometry was invented for your photographs. Always inspirational! It's not just the over-arching art of it all though; you've framed, exposed and projected the love and tenderness between Kelly & Jordan. A fantastic set of images to be cherished down the years to come.

  11. Leon

    I love the location - you've really succeeded in the gritty look, these are awesome!

  12. Teresa K

    Love this many creative and cool perspectives...way to keep it fresh!

  13. Thomas Lester

    Love these! Love all the natural framing. Great locations, too. Great job.

  14. Trey

    Love the water reflection, hadn't thought of using that. Your use of lines is really awesome, amazing job!

  15. Jason Lloyd

    These are very cool - especially like the arrow shots and the gritty feel to the ones on the steps near the bottom. Wicked!

  16. Heather

    Wonderful session!! I adore those shots by the arrows.

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