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East Van // Lisa & Andrew

April 18, 2011

East Vancouver is the best area in Vancouver for engagement sessions. Period. The end.

Lisa and Andrew, those lucky folks, will be getting married on a beach in Mexico in May. They wanted to get a different feel to their engagement photos, so we went the gritty way with their session.

They won’t be getting that in Mexico, that’s for sure.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Kat Braman

    so rad. I love symmetry and you guys rock symmetry better than anyone.

  2. Tyler

    always really good.

  3. Tina Bass

    Oh, these images are just lovely!! I love the style and editing!

  4. Jon Bleddyn

    These are awesome! Well taken, good variety!

  5. Stephen Rotondo

    Awesome location for this shoot! Your composition is great, and I love your black & whites!

  6. Sally Watts

    Totally agree with Kat. Making symmetry look cutting edge since 2009! So not an easy thing to do, and you guys rock it over and over. I like the shot of her eyes through his chin/collar too. Unique.

  7. Salwa

    LOVE the one of her peeking through the frame created by his chin and coat collar!

  8. Lisa Novakowski

    Best e-session location ever. EVER!!! Gorgeous couple, too. Fantastic shoot!!!

  9. Zach Anderson

    These are my kind of locations, killer set.

  10. Tobiah tayo

    You guys always rock it. Amazing

  11. Catherine Ann

    Amazing locations! Love the second to last shot! Very awesome (:

  12. Will Kim

    amazing set!

  13. ALMA

    My goodness! amazing frames!

  14. Blake Burton

    beautiful work guys

  15. nadine

    I really like your colors and toning! Way to rock this gritty session.

  16. Shyann

    amazing work!! I love the shot of them in front of the building with the graffiti, I had to look closely to find them!! Awesome.

  17. Kat Forsyth

    You guys always rock out these amazing sessions that aren't my style at all, but that I still totally love. Fave = 2nd last one.

  18. Len

    Love your work as always guys and the colours in this are just gorgeous! I'm sure Lisa & Andrew are blows away by these!

  19. Fer Juaristi

    Loving the shots bros, amazing location!

  20. Heather

    I adore that shot on the caboose!! Incredible!

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