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East Vancouver Engagement Photography // Krista & Tyler

June 10, 2010

Krista and Tyler are the kind of couple who when you meet for the first time, you feel like having an outdoor barbecue party with.

Beers, burgers, chit-chatting. One of them probably plays the guitar or something as well just to kick the party up a notch.

They’re just an awesome, cool couple who feel totally welcoming, fun and warm. You know what we mean.

So when we arranged to do their engagement photos in East Vancouver, we decided beforehand to tone down the seriousness and just goof around a bit in their backyard garden. Couple beers, chill out and a bit of bantering. All that was missing were the burgers and the guitar to make this a good’ol fashioned East Van garden party.

Aside from wanting the photos in their yard, Krista had mentioned that their cat Mar Mar should be in a bunch of the pictures. Ask and you shall receive, we say!

So, here are the results from our fun, casual, and awesome East Vancouver pre-wedding photo session with Krista, Tyler, Mar Mar and a kick-ass old red Volvo that was acquired for a bottle of wine.

* Edit – The cat’s name is MayMay, not Mar Mar. Thanks to Hilary for pointing that out 🙂

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Jennifer Kirk

    Nice, love the Volvo shots :)

  2. Karran

    Awesome pictures as always! Love the natural down-to-earth beauty the shots portray.

  3. Nikki Reimer

    Beautiful shots. Look like a lovely couple. I'm just sad I haven't yet captured Mar Mar in my East Van Cats series!

  4. Hilary Henegar

    Coolest engagement shots I've ever seen! You really represented Krista and Tyler well - totally shows off their personalities! But, that's not MarMar, it's MayMay, his step sister.

  5. Krista

    Haha! Actually, this is Jammu, who is the non-biological cousin of May May and Mar Mar (incidentally, both came to us from separate sources with those names). We are a blended cat family.

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