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East Vancouver is Awesome // Folland & Nick

March 14, 2011

Ever been to East Vancouver? It’s awesome.

The area is the gritty sandpaper of Vancouver, and it’s filled to the brim with interesting street art.

Folland and Nick are quite the eclectic couple, so we thought this interesting part of Vancouver would be a good fit for their engagement session.

Folland is a small-town gal from Northern BC, and Nick made his way to Vancouver in a roundabout way from his roots in Jamaica.

They’ll be getting married next year in Vancouver on a massive cruise ship that will spend the day sailing around Burrard Inlet with Nick’s family who have never visited Vancouver. How pimp is that, eh?

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. brooke

    amaaazing locations -wow! adorable couple, too - I love the one where she is holding onto his pinkie :) so sweet!

  2. Luis Godinez

    You guys are awesome. That is all. :)

  3. Leah Muse

    These pictures are intense! Love how gritty everything is and how real the couple is.

  4. Brian Davis

    Love the locations and the urban feel of these shots. Great job!

  5. April

    realyy like # 6 him looking at her... and 3rd from last them holding pinkies..... oh ya and the one with the "fence" around them # 5 .....

  6. Eric Yerke

    That house is ugly, and I'd consider a deluxe tree-fort at best.

  7. Drew Gregory

    Digging the locations! That last image is wicked!

  8. otto

    absolutely splendid!!!

  9. Sachin

    The B&W portrait of them against the wall with Jimi in the background is what kind of a shot I would want my e session to look like.. sick!

  10. Laurie Peacock

    Love the locations. Wonderful use of space.

  11. Marilynn Kelly

    Love the shots! Lived in the East End, lots of history and memories down there.

  12. Tyler

    Rad shoot. Well done.

  13. Elissa

    I love your use of space and color. Fantastic compositions... Really great work!

  14. Kelsey

    Wow. These are fabulous. I'm from th Pacific NW originally and the first shot makes me homesick. The gray, the damp streets, the entire mood of it. These are awesome!

  15. Nessa K

    I loooveee that shot of them in the fence tunnel. This is a really beautiful set.

  16. KYLE

    The ones of them in front of the boarded up house are really cool.

  17. Shella

    My my my, these are just too gorgeous!

  18. Shyann

    Very awesome!! I love the last two

  19. Sally Watts

    These are so awesome. The black and white close-up where he's looking down at her is just stunning.

  20. Alex

    Excellent colors. I really like.

  21. Keao

    Wow, these are some amazing pieces of art. You kept an edge while keeping the couple looking hot. I love that house. I wish we had funky houses in my neighborhood.

  22. Joshua Gull

    You guys are way, way, way too good. Great work. Love everything about this session.

  23. Leo Druker

    So awesome!

  24. Heather

    I just adore that extreme close-up in black and white after the bride shot. Stellar work.

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