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East Vancouver // Jill & Ryan

July 14, 2011

Many months ago, Jill and Ryan contacted us to line up a couple session for June 21st. We’re talking last November they emailed us, and the session had to be on June 21st.

It’s their anniversary, you see, and they’re doing photos every year on their big day.

We think that’s awesome, and good on these two for doing this. It’d be cool to see how their pictures evolve over their many years of marriage together.

This session was done in our favourite Vancouver neighbourhood for photography, East Vancouver.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Preston

    Smashing couple. Congrats Jill and Ryan!

  2. Natalie

    I love your artistic eye! Beautiful session!

  3. megan noonan

    Really great shots! This couple plays off the location perfectly!

  4. Nessa K

    I'm endlessly impressed with you. This couple is beautiful, the photos are beautiful, I'm in love, amen.

  5. Johanna Hietanen

    Have to say that I love that their doing this every anniversary. <3 Killer set again. I love the blown out photo of them in the back of that truck.

  6. Nirav

    As expected... kick ass.

  7. Tall

    Love those first two B&W portraits! Great tones!

  8. Steve Koo

    Loving what you did with shadows in this session. Nice work!

  9. benj haisch

    you guys are really really good.

  10. fer juaristi

    dudes, every click counts, love your vision.

  11. Shell Bailey

    These are beautiful! There's something about the first two especially that are very striking. Love the locations.

  12. Rocky Choi

    The shot with Jill behind the fence is amazing!!

  13. Victor Saidov

    OMG! I am in love with these photos! They are fun, yet they have a classy feel to them! Amazing job capturing these!

  14. Darin Collison

    Boo freaking yah. How about you make every frame a stunning, cool composition. Oh. You did. Great work.

  15. Mercedes

    These are beautiful! I love your shooting location and you did it---and your gorgeous couple---more than justice. <3!

  16. Zach

    Totally legit in every way, love your work.

  17. Annelie

    Just in love of the photo when they're together in the truck!! You're so creative!

  18. Joshua Gull

    That shot in the back of the truck wins, but not by much because they're all so awesome. You guys consistently kill it. Great work!

  19. Michael Wachniak

    your use of shadows tickles my fancy. end. of. story.

  20. Matt Stanton

    Awesome. But I knew that before I even clicked the link! Great use of the location, love your work.

  21. Brian Davis

    Sweet! You guys always find the best places to shoot. Killed this one for sure.

  22. Anton Chia

    Black and whites are sweet and I am impressed how you made the most use out of everyday locations. :)

  23. Camilla


  24. Ric Latham

    great couple, you've done so well here.Wonderful reactions and emotions!! Well done!

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