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Edinburgh Wedding Photographer // Heather and Mike

June 13, 2012

Heather Jowett, a wedding photographer from the States, travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband Mike for their honeymoon. They were married only a few days prior in their home state of Michigan.

More to come from this very Scottish Document You session later on.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. mike


  2. Veronica Varos

    So freaking awesome.

  3. kristi wright


  4. Elissa

    I need more!!!

  5. Michael Wachniak

    ya, this is good.

  6. Avelaine Scyrup


  7. Heather J

    WHAT?! Seriously, so beautiful. Thanks for joining us at such a special time Jakob. We <3 you.

  8. David Campbell

    Great shot. I love Edinburgh, looks like you got lucky weather wise too.

  9. Anni

    Amazing. So beautiful.

  10. Lauren

    Oh my!

  11. Lindsay Taryn

    holy wow! there is all sorts of gorgeous going on in this shot. so so good!

  12. Natalie Champa Jennings

    Fabulous photographers in my favorite city? Excellent!

  13. Zosia

    A castle? Geez Nordica Lads...what are you gonna pull out next? LOVE IT! xx

  14. Julianne Markow

    This is so beautiful

  15. Nessa K

    Seriously. SERIOUSLY amazing. <3

  16. Brian Kraft

    Looove it!

  17. Raul P. Pellicer

    Beautiful composition and location.

  18. s h e r r y

    Oh man, this looks AMAZING.

  19. Jakub

    Aye, wonderful indeed!

  20. Ian

    I hope the Scottish weather was gentle on you? Amazing images, inspiring. Thanks for sharing them.

  21. Benj


  22. Pawel Bebenca

    2nd and 3rd ..essence !

  23. Our Honeymoon is Scotland » Heather Jowett – Michigan Wedding Photographer

    [...] 2- 3: Edinburgh. The Walton. Mike eats Haggis for the first time (and hates it). Adventuring with Jakob. So much Irn Bru. The Royal Botanic Garden. More chips and Irn Bru. The Olympic torch. Pizza and [...]

  24. Tomasz

    That is purely Amazing !

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