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Ekensdal Weddings

Ekensdal Weddings


Ekensdal weddings are awesome. The venue is fantastic, and exactly the type of place in Sweden we love shooting at. We are based out of Stockholm and weddings at Ekensdal are just down the road for us.

We are a Stockholm wedding photographer duo – Jakob Granqvist and Cole Roberts – who began photographing weddings full-time in 2009. Our business started in Vancouver, Canada and we now are living and working in Sweden.

Stockholm Wedding Venues


Be forewarned about our style; it is not for everyone. We suggest you check out our portfolio and dig deep into our work. If our style feels right to you, then rock and roll, we’d love to hear from you.

The best way to contact is via email (, or by filling out the fields at the bottom of this page.


Cole & Jakob

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Ekensdal Weddings