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January 20, 2011

Doing engagement sessions or pre-wedding sessions or casual sessions, or whatever-you-want-to-term-them-as sessions is pretty much a no-brainer in our world.

For the couples who book us for their wedding, we want us (as in Nordica) to be an afterthought of sorts on the day of their wedding, which means getting them as comfortable as possible beforehand. These sessions tend to achieve that.

Which is why we offer complimentary whatever-you-want-to-call-them sessions to every couple who books us for their wedding.

The benefits should be obvious, so regurgitating why couples should work with their wedding photographer to make sure you book one isn’t really the point of this post.

The point of this post is more for us to shamelessly plug a few of the sessions we did last year as a point of reflection, and to get us stoked for this upcoming year and our first wedding of the year this Saturday.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Mike Cook

    Wow, these images are fantastic. Makes my own work look plain ordinary!!! Very inspirational - great stuff.

  2. andy stenz

    these are beautiful pieces of art! i love how you incorporate the scenery around the couple so well - the boat, the runners, even the dog! seriously, inspiration work!

  3. Adam Houseman

    Wow! I really dig your work. It has such a sense of style, which in itself is refreshing. Superb.

  4. Nirav

    Composition, emotion, lighting, humor, love I could keep going..but the point is you guys have it all.

  5. Shyann

    yup.. I was right.. The awesomeness is just too much to handle! You never cease to amaze me! 2011 better watch out! :)

  6. brooke

    you guys always amaze me. always. there's so much feeling in these! I'm in love with 18, especially.

  7. otto

    really beautiful series of images!

  8. Nessa K

    There's so much goodness here. I'm partial to the dog photo myself ;)

  9. gabe aceves

    every time i stop by i am amazed at your creativity and your style. you guys rule.

  10. Marianne Wilson

    great great overview! Makes me want to get engaged!

  11. Ben Tomlin

    WOW - seriously awesome work! every single one equally as visually strong as the other!

  12. Joshua Gull

    Jesus you guys are good. Really good.

  13. Debbie Mayes

    Awesome images! Love your guys' style!!

  14. John Patrick

    You got a terrific eye and a very original approach - I dig it!

  15. Rowan Sims

    Amazing work! Some of these images wouldn't load for me, but that ones that did were worth it! Especially love the shot through the mesh fence. Nicely done!

  16. Matthew Mead

    Yep added you to my google reader, your a gun!

  17. alexbee

    your work always blows me away. thanks for the reminder of how much work I have to do. it's inspiring, not frightening!

  18. Jean Mazac

    Gosh, these are great. I mean really, every one of them is just...freaking awesome! I love this set.

  19. Leo Druker

    Wow! Love your compositions and use of reflections. I honestly can't pick out a favorite since every single one of them is terrific.

  20. Fer Juaristi

    Amazing portfolio brother!

  21. Sarah Rominger

    How is it possible that each and every time I get on your website you seem mind-blowingly better?! These are seriously phenomenal. Wish you were located closer...

  22. Heather Elizabeth

    These are nothing short of amazing.

  23. Leah Muse

    The first shot in the canoe and the last shot = best. Absolutely love.

  24. Hamish Jordan

    Fantastic compositions! Really like your website, a different take on wedding photography, very refreshing!

  25. Brian Davis

    All these shots tell a story and are full of awesomeness. But there's something about that dog shot that just speaks to Seriously though, you guys do amazing work. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites

  26. Eric Yerke

    Love your guys' work. Definitely going to dominate 2011. Can't wait to see it unfold.

  27. Heather

    I adore that fourth one from the bottom... the expressions are just priceless. Wonderful!

  28. Steven Mackie

    Great edge. Engagement photographs can be so blah and predictable. I love how you just don't go there. Excellent work!

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