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July 11, 2012

I’ve tried to put together a text for this post a few times now, but no matter what I write, it doesn’t feel like the words do the journey justice.

I spent the entire month of June travelling around Europe and Africa for work. But it was more than just photographing weddings in exotic countries. It was five weeks that had a huge impact on me, both on a personal and a professional level.  Even now, a couple of weeks later, I still can’t wrap my head around that it all actually happened.

From shooting weddings together with Ed Peers and Jonas Peterson in beautiful Florens and Lipari, Italy, to documenting Heather and Mike’s honeymoon in Edinburgh, Scotland, photographing Mo and Chad amongst lions and elephants in the Masai Mara, Kenya, being at Emma and Rikard’s incredible wedding in Österlen, Sweden, and telling the story of an international gathering of people at a castle in Lorraine, France – it really was amazing beyond words.

The five weeks on the road went by fast, but the memories will remain for a long, long time.

A huge thank you to every single person I met and got to know during this trip. Your generosity and hospitality meant a lot to me.

Look forward to sharing the weddings, but for now, here are a few rolls of film I shot to some tunes that were with me the whole time.


[audio:|titles=Little Brother]

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. geneoh

    great work, friend. Looks like an amazing trip.

  2. Naomi Goggin

    beautiful pictures, jakob. love this.

  3. Igor Demba

    Silly good post Jakob! Love the fact that Ed creeps up every once in a while. Gold right there!

  4. Anni

    Incredible. Makes me want to ditch everything and hop on a plane right now! What a beautiful world we live in.

  5. Paul Rowland

    Amazing work. Pretty sure I've stood in this exact same spot to take a picture in Florence - love that city:

  6. Jakub Majewski

    Just amazing trip and photos, thanks for sharing!

  7. Kat Braman

    pretty sure this is my fave post of yours ever. I'm head over heels in love with every single one, but especially crazy about those double exposures and light leaks. Film has such special kind of magic and this post full of that.

  8. benj haisch

    can't friggin' wait to see all of these posts.

  9. Michael Wachniak


  10. Kim

    Your eye translates SO well to film. I absolutely adore this post and every single photo in it.

  11. Miguel Jimenez

    Woah, love that double exposure of the couple. Amazing pictures, although I'm not a light leaks fan.

  12. Heather

    What an incredibly fun trip!!

  13. lydia {ever ours}

    beyond amazing.

  14. Shari

    fricking awesome. love the double exposure images. you have a gift + I am glad you are sharing it with the world.

  15. Jesse Pafundi

    Inspired to the max.

  16. mike

    Travel safe, get back soon, share pictures!

  17. Brennan McKissick

    Wow, this is amazing travel work. Absolutely love it guys and can't wait to see the upcoming new posts as well!

  18. ed peers

    So good Jakob. Pleasure to have shared a little slice of this with you...

  19. Kyle

    Thiiiiiis makes me want to be a better travel photographer.

  20. Alyssa Schroeder

    These are some of the best travel photos I've seen. LOVE.

  21. Mitra

    I love every single frame and every single note of everything; music, colour, light, mood, yeah...everything. Try to suck once in awhile , would you?

  22. Kelsie Taylor

    these are so beautiful! definitely makes me want to go to these places.

  23. Zosia

    If you ever need an assistant.... Jakon, these are grand! Grander than grand, they are spectacugrand!

  24. Zosia

    ...And by Jakon I mean Jakob!

  25. caroline

    Jakob these are NUTS. I am so jealous by all you got to do in 5 weeks. I cannot wait to see everything!

  26. Kellee Walsh

    Incredible. Seriously.

  27. Brian Furbush

    Sweet jesus these are good Jakob, inspiring.

  28. gabe aceves

    duuude. this is great stuff as usual. where you traveling next? can i come with? :)

  29. Shu

    Amazing. Just amazing.

  30. kmh

    You just went full #bossmode on the world

  31. Alyda

    You are one talented dude! Loving these so very much x

  32. James Schokman

    Great idea with the double exposures. Nicely played.

  33. Leo

    Simply incredible work.

  34. Brian Kraft

    Crazy cool! Loving the newest TMoE too!

  35. Mathias Cederholm Photography

    Excellent stuff Jakob! Real nice to see something other than your otherwise brilliant wedding photography. What type of film do you use for this? I think you use an Canon-AE1 right? br, /Mathias

  36. Raúl P. Pellicer


  37. John Bello

    #35 and the last two are my faves.. This post is sick!

  38. Pawel Bebenca

    great ! the guy with bike, is that Ed ?

  39. Cole & Jakob

    Mathias: Yes, Canon-AE1. Mostly shot on the cheapest film I could find, Fuji Superia 200. And some Kodak Portra 160. Pawel: It is indeed. /Jakob

  40. Zulbard

    like always, superb!!

  41. sam hurd

    i've come back to this a few times now... can't get enough.

  42. Girish

    With how many 1 tb drives did you come back :D Awesome stuff. Look forward for more pictures from the weddings. Lovely photographs, that picture with the 2 women sitting & chatting..with the building corner out of favorite. Something of that images is truly good..may be a happy, peaceful time with your friends.

  43. Jakub Fabijanski

    Damn nice! Fantastical great! Lovely work Jakob.

  44. tim

    dude, you're having adventures. love this stuff.

  45. Michael Ash


  46. Nick Lance

    Awesome work! Love the double exposure Jakob.

  47. jeff marsh

    fricken killer

  48. Bartlett Pair Photography

    Quite a story here Jakob, you are very talented!

  49. Marissa Cafe

    Loving the film!!! We should chat about film vs. digital come closer to my wedding. I've always used an SLR, never a digital, there's just so much life and texture and realism to film that some how gets lost in translation with digital photography. Glad you had a great time :)

  50. Jane Haglund


  51. Teresa

    Awesome awesome work. Love these so much!


    I love to see photos taken with film, they really are good until that have veil. I have the same model of camera, the halos are by guilt closing the lid or why? Sorry for the translation spanish-english

  53. Tomasz

    Beautiul ! Film is a way forward !

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