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January 15, 2010

With only 28 days to go until Vancouver is (presumably) going to be an absolute zoo of people, we figured this is a great thing for us. Lots of people, lots of faces.

And since Nordica Photography focus mainly on people photography, we might as well take advantage of it.

So as of yesterday we’re running a project called ‘Faces of the Games‘ where we are portraying people of the Olympics. But – in opposite to most other medias – we’re not focusing on the actual games. Instead we’ll be giving you the people on the other side of the fence, the people who make the Olympics the gigantic party it is.

It’s all very simple. We’ll approach people who we feel capture the spirit of the games, ask to take their picture and post it on the website.

So check it out. It’s not filled with people yet, but in a few weeks it most definitely will be.

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By Cole & Jakob  


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