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Finland Wedding Photographer // Annika & Anders // Portraits

January 2, 2011

To photograph a wedding in Finland (or any other Nordic country) is something we would like to do more of in 2011. For now though, pre-wedding portraits are a great start.

Annika and Anders are getting married in Vasa, Finland, on February 5th. We decided to do an early pre-wedding portrait session in the beautiful surroundings around the location of their ceremony.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Justine Russo

    Gorgeous photos!!! So romantic!

  2. brooke

    the snow is so romantic in these! I adore the gray tones in the photos, too. gorgeous!

  3. Jennifer

    Love the clean simplicity of the frosty scenes! The path surrounded by snow-draped trees is just fabulous, and the texture of the snow on the stone facade is lovely.

  4. Natalie

    Such a beautiful winter wedding! They look so happy and in love!

  5. Alicia Kennison

    This post makes me want to rush out and shoot a wedding in the snow! Lovely images.

  6. Brooke

    I really love the simplicity of these images. And the snow! Great job!

  7. Nora

    Looks like a winter wonderland. Love them all!

  8. Matthew Evans

    A white wedding! being from the hottest place on earth, this looks so incredible! love the shots, great set.

  9. Teresa K

    Her feet might have been cold...but the photos were HOT...I'm sure she's glad she toughed it out...gorgeous images for real!!

  10. Amanda Basteen

    Beautiful job! I hope she can still feel her feet, but it was worth it!

  11. Kyle

    I so often think of snowy weddings as being depressing, but this is not even close. So much emotion and love in these pictures, you gusy did an awesome job!

  12. Jean Mazac

    I love the stark contrast of the cold winter scenery with the warmth this couple exudes. These photos are simply amazing.

  13. Dean Govier

    You guys are insane. I actually hate (love) that you are this talented. Your compositions and use of angles is top drawer. The B&W's from this set are particularly nice.

  14. Leah Muse

    Absolutely love what you do. The tone is amazing.

  15. Caroline Ghetes

    I am so jealous I didn't shoot this. What a great location, couple, weather, EVERYTHING! Loved them all! Nice work!

  16. Nirav

    Shot 7! Flippin' love it. You guys worked it!

  17. Heather

    These are simply magical. Well done!

  18. Johanna Hietanen

    Yay for Finland! Awesome photos :)

  19. Joshua Gull

    So good it hurts.

  20. Michael

    Absolutely stunning minimalism. Wonderful couple, wonderful photography. Cheers from the states -Michael

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