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Finland Wedding Photographer // Linda & Jonas

October 30, 2012

Linda and Jonas had their wedding in Vasa, Finland, a couple of weeks ago.

Here are a few photos from their day. We’ll post the full story soon.

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Linda and Jonas’ wedding has been featured on the Finnish wedding blog Best Day Ever.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. sam hurd

    such thought and skill in ever frame.

  2. Kat Braman

    always such a treat to see how you guys tell a story. something about that 3rd shot down that I keep coming back to.

  3. Sara

    Oh how nice to see this, since I live in Vasa :) Lovely pictures!

  4. Jessica Vogelsang

    I love the soft tone of the day.

  5. Jon S6

    superb guys

  6. Levi Tijerina

    You guys nailed the underexposed, warm colors.

  7. Matt Long

    Just stunning guys, as always.

  8. gabe aceves

    well. damn.

  9. Jennifer

    Divine! The gorgeous bride emerging from the groovy sunshine car is so full of anticipation. Love it!

  10. Mike

    So good. The moments you capture are awesome.

  11. Kellee Walsh

    Great work guys. She is just gorgeous!

  12. Kevin Foley

    Beautiful. Portrait of her is stunning and the car exit is so classic.

  13. Mary Sylvia

    Oh love this shot!

  14. Teresa K

    GTFO...are you guys serious? Can you get anymore amazing? I just don't's so awesome it kills me!!

  15. michelle waspe

    sublime! love the bride with orange wall background.

  16. David Campbell always!

  17. porter

    gahhh you guys kill me every time. these are awesome

  18. Tyler

    ya. this is insane.

  19. Leah Muse

    Gosh, these are ridiculous. Love the shot of the bride getting out of the cab.

  20. Darin Collison

    Yup. Serene. Gorgeous. Love.

  21. tim

    beautiful. love that sofa portrait

  22. aga

    so so so good, LOVE that taxi shot!

  23. ed peers

    So good. Too good.

  24. james

    This are incredible! I want to get married again just to use you guys

  25. Micah Jones

    These are very lovely images all the way through.

  26. Derek

    You captured some great emotions and told their wedding day beautifully!

  27. Eugenia Iskra

    Oh wow! What a marvelous sight of view! Love ur amazing colors either! :)

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  29. santhosh

    i would like to be u r assistant. can be sir??

  30. Vladimir Polansky

    Excellent classic wedding photography. I got the aesthetic pleasure!

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  32. Wedding in Greece

    I love photo with the car!

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