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Fjord Wedding // Christine & Josh

July 24, 2023

In the enchanting town of Aurland, Norway, Christine and Josh’s fjord wedding at 292 Aurland near Flåm unfolded like a romantic fairytale amidst the stunning fjords. As a seasoned expert in fjord weddings, capturing their love story against this enchanting backdrop was an absolute joy.

Their wedding was a featured highlight on the renowned wedding blog, where their magical day garnered well-deserved admiration and inspiration for couples worldwide.

Having previously photographed a stunning Lofoten elopement a few years back, I knew that the Norwegian fjords hold an unparalleled charm, offering an intimate and authentic atmosphere for unforgettable celebrations.

As the golden sun cast its warm glow over the fjords, Christine and Josh exchanged vows, their love echoing through the serene air. Aurland’s dramatic landscapes, with soaring mountains and glistening waters, provided a dreamy backdrop for their heartfelt moments.

Throughout the day, we ventured to charming locations like Stegastein Viewpoint, capturing panoramic vistas that showcased the untamed beauty of Norway’s fjords. The celebration continued with the sun’s descent below the horizon, painting the sky in a stunning display of colours.

Destination weddings in the fjords are a dream come true for adventurous couples seeking a unique experience. Aurland’s raw and untouched nature adds an element of wonder and intimacy to every celebration.

For couples considering a fjord wedding in Norway, Aurland offers a myriad of breathtaking locations that will make their special day truly unforgettable. From cascading waterfalls to secluded beaches, Norway’s fjords offer endless possibilities for an extraordinary destination wedding.

As a passionate fjord wedding photographer, I take pride in showcasing the beauty of this remarkable region. If you are planning a destination wedding in Aurland or any other location in Norway’s stunning fjords, do not hesitate to reach out. Together, we will create a timeless collection of photographs that will forever capture the essence of your love amidst the breathtaking beauty of Norway’s fjords.

By Cole & Jakob  


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