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France Wedding Photographer // Sayuri & Geoffroy

September 24, 2012

Sayuri is Japanese, Geoffroy is French, and they live in Singapore. They had a destination wedding in Lorraine, France at the Château Hattonchâtel, and brought in guests from all around the world.

We still feel amazed every time destination weddings like this one happen. From worlds apart and through emails alone, stringing together experiences like Sayuri and Geoffory’s wedding is nothing short of amazing, and we feel very fortunate for Nordica to have been a part of this day.

[audio:óley-Pretty-Face.mp3|titles=Sóley – Pretty Face]

Sayuri and Geoffroy’s wedding from France was feature on Wedding Chicks and Le Blog De Madame C.

Vendors for Sayuri and Geoffroy’s wedding on Pinterest.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. s h e r r y

    So awesome, guys!

  2. Jennifer Hardt

    Absolutely spectacular... not only the location but the images. You boys have outdone yourself yet again. (BTW, I love the images of the little boy who went for a 'dip'.... they made me laugh out loud!)

  3. Sergey Lapkovsky

    Amazing!!! Guys, you are great!

  4. Jean-Laurent

    Guys, you are amazing !

  5. Emilie

    This is really good!

  6. Elissa

    Seriously?? SERIOUSLY??? Oh my goodness, this is perfect.

  7. Jon S6

    super coverage, wonderful gig

  8. Jenny

    This is so freakin' good.

  9. Rachael

    Really love the atmosphere you've captured in these photos, great job.

  10. Girish

    Fantastic pictures. I truly feel that traveling around the world the best perk you've got. Fantastic location again. Great work, brilliant photographs.

  11. Shari

    perfection. what an incredible place to photograph a wedding! love

  12. Alyda

    Really? No way! So exceptionally good. You guys just keep getting better and better.

  13. Kat Braman

    the shot of her dad giving her away is so so special. His expression is so cute. Excellent work!

  14. Hannah

    Wow! Amazing coverage!

  15. todd

    whoah! tasty indeed :)

  16. Teresa K

    you took me there....thank you so much

  17. Kellee Walsh

    Such an incredible wedding. Love the blend of cultures!

  18. Mathias Cederholm Photography

    Hahaha. Boring place! Better go buy myself a french castle... Really beautiful work, brilliantly crafted.

  19. naomi

    killer coverage.

  20. Brian Davis

    The quality of work you guys produce has always inspired me and this wedding just reinforces that. Amazing in every way.

  21. Jessie Mary

    How fantastic! Love the blend of the details / scenery shots, with the story-telling.

  22. gabe aceves

    oh my friends. just another one of those french castle weddings, no big deal.

  23. Leo

    You guys are unreal and this wedding rocks, start to finish.

  24. Mathew Sacco

    So so good!

  25. ayesha

    what a debonair couple! and your detail and venue shots are pretty much as breathtaking as the moments. and the portraits. yeah it's just all perfect. :)

  26. Jonas Peterson

    Bra jobbat, grabbar.

  27. Serena Severtson

    These are unreal. Everything about this wedding is breathtaking. Insanely well captured! :)

  28. Mike

    Jaw Dropping photos, amazing job!

  29. xian alexander

    As usual, great captures. That reception venue looks amazing! Kudos

  30. mike

    On so many levels...

  31. Aniwa Sandoz Watts

    It is just a fairy tale to get married at this stunning castle - Hattonchatel Chateau

  32. Lars Virdeby

    Fantastiskt dokumenterat !

  33. Luke

    outdoor weddings are beautiful! France is another thing... wherever you go you always find amazing places :) another amazing story of two people and their love! Rock'N'Roll !great job

  34. Marcin Kaminski

    Perfect job!

  35. Sundeep Singh


  36. Colorblind Production

    Beautiful tones and colors. whats your workflow for post processing the images ?

  37. Vladimir Polansky

    Very nice wedding history!

  38. Photographer in Jaipur

    Very first-class publish, i definitely love this internet site, keep on it

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