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Fraser River Lodge Wedding // Mandy & Bobby

September 26, 2011

Bobby and Mandy had their wedding at the Fraser River Lodge in Chilliwack, and while it wasn’t in a barn (we’re big barn wedding fans), it was outdoors and smothered by gargantuous mountains, rivers and corn fields. Not bad.

Then they took off to Hawaii and we went back into our editing caves.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. April

    beautiful !

  2. TylerIngram

    Awesome photos as per usual!

  3. Anushe Low

    Stunning guys!!

  4. megan noonan

    Wow, I'd take mountains like that over barns any day! These are really amazing!

  5. benj haisch


  6. Jean

    Absolutely incredible work. The shots with the tires and the mountain range really are just breathtaking. A truly beautiful set of images.

  7. Tab McCausland

    That first image is Aaaaamazing.

  8. Tomasz Wagner

    Great work!!

  9. Sachin

    Good Lord...

  10. Heather

    Wow these are BEYOND AWESOME!!!

  11. David

    Just amazing. As always.

  12. Sam

    As always, awesome. Beautiful bride too.

  13. Shipra

    mountains, cornfields, and tires? You guys are top-notch! Adore the photograph of the couple in front of that majestic mountain.

  14. Nikki Bezel

    stunning six frames, really gorgeous work!

  15. Kellee Walsh

    Wow, what an incredible location. Stunning images!

  16. Joshua Gull


  17. Nick

    murdered this dead. so good.

  18. Tenielle

    Holy location. Each and every image is a champion on it's own. Amazing.

  19. michele bowman

    just beautiful!

  20. joe

    these photos are absolutely amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE the composition!!!

  21. Nessa K

    Oh, love. Love love love. Love.

  22. pierre

    so graphic so smart GOOD !!!!!! bravo !

  23. Caroline Ghetes

    Insane locations. These are phenomenal, dudes.

  24. Leah Muse

    you guys always surprise me (but not really) with how awesome you are. beautiful!

  25. Andy Moss

    Stunning. I love the perspective you show in all of your images. It is always fresh.

  26. Amanda Basteen

    That mountain shot is a stunner

  27. Melissa

    I love them all... big fan of the urban chic style but the corn field photos rock too! Great work.

  28. Belle

    This is so damn breathtaking. Wow, simply wow.

  29. Brian Davis

    Monumentally awesome.

  30. Dean Govier

    Absolutely incredible work. Your use of light & lines is literally world class. Stunning. The best use for old rubber tyres ive ever seen.

  31. Raleigh Wedding Photographers

    Love the tilt shift shot at the beginning!

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