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Gastown Engagement Photography // S + T

May 29, 2011

Gastown feels like home for us.

We’ve done the most sessions there of any spot in the Lower Mainland, and we will always look back on Gastown as the spot where we paid our dues and did a ton of photo sessions.

While it’s easy to think doing a lot of work in the same spot could lead to stagnation, we think the opposite occurs. We find it challenging to view the same spots differently and make each session totally unique.

For this couple’s engagement session, the challenge for us was how we could best use the fantastic morning light. We roamed around with one thought in mind: Where’s the best light.

A simple approach to one of our favourite spots in Vancouver.

Their wedding is coming up next and will be at the Shangri-La in Vancouver.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Emil

    Love your style!! Great set!!

  2. Leo Druker

    LOVE this session, guys. The three shots in the middle with all blackness except for their faces - brilliant.

  3. Kellee

    Wow, she is stunning! Awesome shots guys.

  4. Ariana

    love this session! I love the way you used that light!

  5. Becca Dilley

    Such striking portraits of the two of them.

  6. Nora

    Wow those photos in the shadows are out of this world! and how stunning is the girl.

  7. April

    great as usual !

  8. Dennis Pike

    These are stunning, exceptional use of light. I love that flared out one infront of the fence. Top notch.

  9. Wendy

    What a great set! They look amazing! W

  10. David Redding

    You guys have done it again....really no surprise there. She is going to be a gorgeous bride.

  11. gabe aceves

    you gents are at the top of your game. i cant tell you how much i love your work. amazing.

  12. Laura Burlton

    Ok, you are a rock star, you know that, right? These are gorgeous!

  13. Tyler

    geez. i don't really need to tell you how good these are, do i? well, these are like, really, really good.

  14. Porter

    these.are.awesome. The light, the location, PERFECT!

  15. Andy Barnhart

    Beautiful light! Nice work.

  16. Declan Fleming

    The shot of them holding up against the fence is sublime! Totally love the shot where she's popping her head out of the dark too - her expression is magic :)

  17. Alen Abdula

    Lovely set. The light is just perfect. -aa

  18. Leah Muse

    Wow, this couple is good looking. Awesome, moody shots.

  19. Marie Lloyd

    Wow - these are beautiful! She is sooo photogenic, amazing expressions and such soulful eyes. Awesome work guys :)

  20. Tall

    Awesome use of light and especially shadows in these!

  21. michele bowman

    super cool photos! great way to have fun in a character filled area of the city!

  22. otto

    i dont even know what to see anymore. see previous comments...

  23. Brian Davis

    Killer set as usual guys. Love the dark shots with a thin strip of light.

  24. Heather

    I adore those shots with the incredible dramatic lying as they kiss!!

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