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Get Real Stockholm // Questions

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Here is the location. The address is Söder Mälarstrand, Kajplats 16. Stockholm. When you arrive, it should be quite obvious where the entrance is.

April 6th – If you arrived around 8AM, that would be great. We’ll begin at 8:30AM and because of the tight schedule, we can’t wait on people being late and will get going no matter what. We project to be finished at around 7.30PM from which we’ll see how the vibe is (and if anyone still has a functioning brain) and decide about drinks.

April 7th – Again, arrive around 8AM and we’ll get going at 8.30AM. The day will be complete at 6PM.


During the day we will provide lunch, as well as drinks throughout the days. If you feel like you may need more, please bring snacks.

What To Bring

You do not need to bring a computer, but we do encourage you to bring whatever you take notes best with. We pass along a lot of information and do not email out the keynote after the workshop.

If you want to take pictures, go wild (and yes, you can blog anything you want afterwards if you choose).

On Day One in the evening, we will be walking around outside so perhaps consider appropriate foot ware.


Email us or post to the Facebook group.