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August 14, 2012

Step one when we started the redesign of our website was meeting a brand genius named Pat.

Pat is a storyteller, and his stories come from the character and values of a brand. The goal in our meetings was to find out what Nordica really is.

In the end, he summed up Nordica’s brand message in two words: Get Real.

We have always been motivated by telling an honest story of a wedding day. We don’t ask couples to hold their first kiss a little bit longer, to move an inch here or there when they’re getting dressed, or stage anything else. We document everything as it happens in a natural manner.

But keeping it real doesn’t end there. How we conduct every aspect of our business revolves around staying as close to those core values as possible.

This year, we have hosted two-on-one workshops with photographers from around the world. While these have been awesome, we feel that there is more to offer, which is why we’ve decided to create something new.

So today, we’re very excited to announce the first Get Real Workshop.

On November 6th and 7th, 2012, we will host a workshop for 20 photographers at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver, alongside Fer Juaristi and Nirav Patel. We’re excited to host this in the city that gave us our start, together with two remarkable photographers who we admire.

When Pat identified Nordica’s core values and character, he did it in two perfectly appropriate words. Those two words hold a lot of meaning for our brand, and they will also be at the core of our workshops.

Learn more about the workshop and reserve your seat here.

We will be announcing workshops in other global locations soon. If you’re interested in bringing a Get Real Workshop to your city, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email: info[at]

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Jonty

    Looks fab guys, but a little too far to travel from a little village in North Wales. How about running 'Get Real' in the North West of the UK? I'm sure this is something we could fill pretty quickly if it were held in Manchester or Liverpool.

  2. mike

    This looks kickass.

  3. Jesse

    Sounds amazing!!! How about doing the exact same thing somewhere in the Midwest U.S. - say, St Louis or Chicago? That would be perfect!

  4. JR Clubb

    Toronto please!

  5. Stefan Hellberg - Photographer Switzerland

    sweet. I'll sing up for your STHLM workshop, don't know if it will happen though.. :)

  6. Nine Photography

    YEH! In the U.S.!!!

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