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Get Real

We believe workshops should leave out the fluff, cut to the chase, and have presenters who open up about everything. Keeping it real is how we have built our wedding photography business, and hence, the obvious theme for our workshops.


Waldorf Hotel, Vancouver, Canada on November 6-7, 2012. 20 seats available. Both days 9AM – 5PM, food and beverages provided.

Day One – Nordica

It begins with a fika. This Swedish word basically means drinking coffee together and having a “get to know each other” conversation. After the morning fika, we get right into it with photo sessions. You will be split into groups, real couples will be brought in, and you’ll get to see us work, as well as have time to shoot the couples yourself. Once back inside the cozy confines of the Waldorf, we (Nordica) take the floor and share everything – top to bottom – that makes our machine run. We will discuss everything from photography and editing, to SEO and destination weddings. Our underlying message is to think strategically. Everything we do – at weddings and in our online marketing – connects back to having a simple, yet effective strategy. The day ends with another photo session, where you will get to photograph a couple together with other photographers from the group.

Day Two – Fer & Nirav

Morning fika.  Similar to the first morning, day two will start with some mingling and then we’ll get right into photo sessions, this time with Nirav and Fer leading the teams. The day is then split into two between Fer and Nirav. They will share their stories and speak about what makes them the motivated dudes they are. This is not a boring one-way lecture; It’s all about opening up, being honest and sharing information, in a conversation with the group. In addition, Blair Delaubenfels from Junebug Weddings will share her knowledge about wedding blogs and marketing your business online. At the end of the second day – when everyone’s brains are full – we’ll continue the evening by enjoying some cold beverages of choice, and letting loose.

The two days are a crazy concoction of teaching, sharing, inspiring and shooting, all shaken up. Get Real is not a conference, but an intimate conversation that will leave you inspired to move your photography business forward.

Guest Speakers

fer juaristi

Re-invent your reality.

Create awesome stunning pictures even in the crappiest locations, it’s all about vision & getting LOCO.


nirav patel

Be comfortable in your skin.  

Inspiration, stories, words, and discussion about the wedding industry and finding your place in it from a wise Indian grasshopper ninja.


Blair deLaubenfels

Junebug Weddings.

Marketing Your Business Online.


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There are 20 seats available for the workshop and purchases are made through PayPal. Spots may be purchased for someone else and gifted. In the event of a cancellation, the spot may be filled by another photographer. Taxes (12%) and admin fees (4%) added to the final price.

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