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Greg Mueller | Vancouver Portrait Photography

April 16, 2010

A few days ago, we did a portrait shoot with Canadian poker legend Greg Mueller. The guy has won two (!) World Series of Poker Bracelets. That’s incredible, folks. To achieve that feat is so rare it’s mind boggling, so to be able to photograph somebody who has achieved something that amazing was an honour for us indeed.

Our photo session with Greg Mueller was a wee bit surreal in a way. We at Nordica are poker maniacs, so the fact that we had one of the best in the world working with us was so awesome, it was almost unbelievable. Deep down though, we just wanted to whip out a poker table and play with the guy. Or at least try to if we could afford the buy-ins!

An additional reason why we were so stoked to photograh him was his history with hockey. I (Cole) played junior hockey for many years. It was my life throughout my teens and had me suitcased all over North America. So whenever you meet up with a hockey guy, there’s always that “understanding” so to speak of what it means to be shipped around and live away from home at such a young age. However, the level of respect for Greg shoots through the roof when you consider he made the jump to being a professional (in Germany, no less) straight out of Junior A. That’s totally unheard of. Basically, that’s the equivalent of picking up a camera, fiddling around with it for a month, then boom – you’re doing a photoshoot with someone like, well, Greg Mueller.

So Greg is now a poker pro, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. He’s also a restaurant owner (Players Chop House), he’s dipped his toes into modelling and acting, and he accomplishes all these feats while being a modest, humble and generally awesome guy.

The goal for our session together was to get a few various looks and combine that with some great head and profile shots. Greg has a great PR team working with him in the Behan posse (Alex and Janis), so we’re sure that these pictures will be put to great use.

Greg aside, if you’re reading this post and you’re a poker player or a hockey player – at Greg’s level, lower, whatever – we’d like to throw an open invitation your way to either A) Setup a poker game with Nordica so we can take all your money or B) Setup a time for a photography session to get some killer headshots. We’ve more or less decided that poker players and hockey players are swell guys, so we’d be fired right up if we could work with them more in the future!

The photo session took place in Gastown. These are our favourites from the afternoon. Enjoy .

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Masey

    Incredible shoot as per usual lads!

  2. Barb Cowley(Higgins)

    Awesome photos of Greg.

  3. Teri

    absolutely fabulous as usual!

  4. april

    nice looking fellow.... love the color you guys...

  5. Rick

    Awesome photos of Greg.

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