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Harrison Hot Springs Wedding // Preview

May 2, 2011

Harrison Hot Springs is located about two hours east of Vancouver.

It’s got a resort feel to it and if you’re a fan of epic mountains engulfing emerald green lakes, then this place is for you.

Kathie and Jamie, who you may remember from their engagement session in Victoria, had their wedding there last weekend.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Drew W

    Those cuff links are amazing!

  2. Justine Russo

    Gorgeous photos! I love Harrison!

  3. Jeremy Lim

    Straight up ridiculous. So, so good.

  4. Brian Davis

    I love shots 2, 3, and 4. And as Drew said, those cuff links are amazing!

  5. Alyssa Schroeder

    LOVE the one with the trees!

  6. Heather Elizabeth

    That last frame blew my mind. Amazing.

  7. Emil

    As always, beautiful work!!

  8. gabe aceves

    give me some mo. that first bride and groom image is bananas. lovely as always gents.

  9. Shyann

    Wowzers! So beautiful, I really love the last three!

  10. Nirav

    Woah now. This is going to be off the hook.


    Wow! That first shot just blew me away. Love the attention to detail in teh cufflinks.

  12. sam hurd

    you are king of wide angles... that is all.

  13. ayesha

    oh. my. god. that third shot down. i have chills. i'd put that on a wall... big. am i weird? it's like a painting... i keep going back to look at it. you guys are insane.

  14. Amanda Basteen

    Every single one is spot on. I love them. Wow.

  15. Chris LeBlanc

    Congratulations on your Wedding and thank you for sharing these photos, absolutely stunning. Beautiful couple, wishing you both all the happiness in the world!

  16. Kat Braman

    Looks incredible. 3rd shot is sick!

  17. Paul Nguyen

    Beautiful work! Such attention to detail! So intimate.

  18. Jennifer

    Breathtaking. Love the watery feel of the flower, and the couple in the green woodsiness is dreamy!

  19. Masey

    If nothing else, those cufflinks are absolute winners! Wow!

  20. Kristi Wright

    Wow. Gorgeous. 3rd shot is so unique. Can't wait for more.

  21. Matt Stanton

    Being a bit of a watch aficionado myself, I LOVE those cufflinks! Great shots, your use of negative space really creates images with HUGE impact.

  22. Jim Murphy

    Wow. Stunning work. I really like that first photo and the 3rd. We need to see more.

  23. Charles


  24. tobiah tayo

    Wonderful. composition spot on as always. wow

  25. Leah Muse

    That third shot is outrageous.

  26. Jamie

    For everyone that was asking about the cufflinks, here is where I bought them for the boys! Cheers, Jamie

  27. Sarah Der

    Whatever, Nordica. Try and be a little more awesome, why don't you. Yeah. That's what I thought--not possible.

  28. Joshua Gull

    The third shot and last shot are insane. You guys work makes me sick it's so good. Huge impact indeed.

  29. april

    1 & 2 cool shots... 3 is smoldering...

  30. Anton Chia

    Nice location, very artistic shots. Simple, yet triggers the senses. Thumbs up!

  31. Heather

    Most awesome cuff links EVER! Looking forward to more goodness from you. :)

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