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March 6, 2010

Alrighty folks, here we are at the Hearts For Haiti Charity Art Auction in Vancouver. It’s a bit of a double edged sword with emotions we would say.

On one side of the sword, the milieu at the venue is magnificent. The food is spectacular, the volunteers are gorgeous and generous with their knowledge and the hosts for the evening are amazing. It is almost feels like we’re in a luxury box at an opera – very cool!

But the other side of the sword is why we are here: The Charity. Make no mistake that this even is incredible for a number of reasons, but everyone in this room is on the same page: Raise money for those in need. The incredible art here is one thing, but the buyers (donators) are the cogs in the wheel.

So, we’re looking forward to keeping those of interest in touch with this evening as it progresses! The room is beginning to fill up, and it’s a splendid crowd of very caring people.

Click here to see more pictures of Hearts for Haiti Vancouver!

Click here to see more pictures of Hearts for Haiti Vancouver!

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