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Hindu Wedding Vancouver // Preview

March 30, 2011

Photograph a few more Hindu weddings in Vancouver? Yes please!

We had our first experience with an Indian wedding last weekend and it literally blew our heads off of our shoulders. We were stoked.

The newly weds are Rishima and Fernando, and if ever there was a wildly awesome culturally infused wedding, this was it.

But we’ll get to more of that later…

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Amber Hughes

    Awesome job guys! Can't wait to see more! :)

  2. Nessa K

    Really gorgeous work! And that second photo is kind of really magical.

  3. george froehlich

    I have not seen your stuff for a while but this is in the WOW category and what is most interesting how both of you are progressing all the time - truly the mark of grat artists. Congrats.

  4. kyle

    These are phenomenal. You always turn out great work.

  5. george froehlich

    I have not seen your work for quite some time but this is clearly AWESOME. And what is most interesting is how both of you are progressing all the time - getting better and better. Those are truly the signs of being great photogs. Congrats.

  6. April

    Some great pics here. I would love to see more of this wedding ! I have always wanted to photograph an East Indian wedding. Jealous...

  7. Barry Duncan

    Nice work gents, can't wait to see more.

  8. Cassie Rose

    Wow... these are absolutely beautiful. I love your use of negative space. Cannot wait to see more!

  9. adam houseman

    More... I want more. But seriously, these are stunning. I love the way you two see. Well done.

  10. Alen Abdula

    Great selection of photographs. Just discovered your blog, great work. Added to my RSS reader :)

  11. brooke

    love these! the colors are gorgeous.

  12. Joseph Yarrow

    What a preview! I can't wait to see more from you =)

  13. Heather

    I LOVE the colors in these! They are so gorgeous!

  14. John Stickel

    There are some truly beautiful images in this set...well done!

  15. Mark Parker

    Awesome job guys!! Wonderful colors and light. I like the way you used the negative space.

  16. Laurie Peacock

    Beautifully shot. Lovely couple.

  17. Harvard

    Holy cow. You just inspired my Thursday morning.

  18. Catherine Ann

    Awesome work! The first shot is so beautiful

  19. Fer Juaristi

    Loving it guys! Every frame deserves a canvas.

  20. Amanda Basteen

    Simply beautiful. Loving that first shot!

  21. Nick Coyne

    Looking good guys!!! Can't wait for the big post!

  22. Jason

    Don't stop there guys, I want to see more! Great composition and use of negative space. Beaut!

  23. Two Ring Studios

    Gotta love Indian weddings! Definitely want to see more. I like the processing you've done. -Derek

  24. Kim Selby

    So gorgeous! More please!!

  25. Brian Davis

    I love Hindu weddings, the colors are spectacular and you guys captured them perfectly, can't wait to see the rest.

  26. Girish

    Indian weddings rule. Amazing colors, lot of tradition, lot of people, lot of fun. Well done. Looking forward for more.

  27. Mike Lichtenwalner

    Absolutely amazing. Indian weddings are so visually awesome. :)

  28. Chinmay Patel

    In the chaos of the indian wedding you captured some very outstanding shots! hats off to you my friend :)

  29. gabe aceves

    i dont know if i commented on this already or not. you guys are incredible. seriously.

  30. Keao

    Amazing work. Your work really stands out.

  31. Heather

    I LOVE that first shot. The composition is incredible!

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