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Iceland Photography // Caroline & Ben

November 19, 2012

If you have followed Nordica’s site, you’ve picked up on the fact that I have an affinity for Iceland photography.

Last June, I spent a week there. Originally, the trip included one wedding and that was it. But through a bit of maneuvering and planning, the week turned into a full-on work trip. In addition to the wedding, I shot at the Blue Lagoon, went to the far north of Iceland for a crazy hike, and arranged a session with two photographer friends from the States who were looking to have an engagement session done.

Ben and Caroline are from Texas, and through an online forum Jakob and I are active in, we pieced together the logistics for this session to happen. They were in Britain for some work of their own, and after exchanging a few messages, we agreed to spend a day driving between Reykjavik and Vik.


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This session from Iceland was featured on Junebug Weddings.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Jennifer Hardt

    These take my breath away. Amazing work!

  2. Elissa

    I'm so in love with this session!

  3. Priya

    Wow. Just spectacular. Every single pic is amazing but I think I'm in love with the shot of them with the waterfall in the background... gorgeous.

  4. Denis Adonis

    Hermosa sesión de retratos!, me ha encantado!, especialmente esta: Caroline y Ben son maestros! Un abrazo gigante desde Valparadise city :)

  5. Nitin Kapoor

    Beautiful images. Great, great great work. Very inspiring. Love it

  6. Nicole Hill

    These photographs are so magical! Great work!

  7. tobiah

    WOW this looks like one of the most beautiful places on earth. I must go!

  8. Kerry

    Gorgeous images, what a crazy beautiful landscape... unlike anything I'm familiar with. Iceland is now officially on the list of Places To See.

  9. Brandon

    Absolutely unreal. All of your Iceland work makes me want to see Iceland so badly. It's like another world, and these shots are out of this world. I love the cave ones.

  10. sam hurd

    great googily moodily

  11. ryan

    wow! absolutely breathtaking! Great work guys!

  12. Savannah Lauren

    I love these. I want to go to Iceland SO MUCH.

  13. Kim

    That fourth to last shot is mega hubba-HUBBA!

  14. Drew W

    every time you guys shoot it looks like this crazy story in a fantasy world.

  15. Max

    Pretty freaking awesome! The pics of Ben falling tops the list! LOL

  16. Erik Clausen

    ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Fucking nailed it. Also, I happened to be listening to "be the Song" by Foy Vance whilst viewing. Recommended.

  17. Geoff

    Benoline FTW!

  18. Heather J

    Amazing amazing amazing.

  19. Lou

    Epic shoot guys! Dying to go to iceland after seeing all your iceland day we'll make it happen

  20. Ben Godkin

    To much epicness for one post! P.S. That series of me busting my ass is hilarious!

  21. Alyda

    Crazy amazing! I love those two and I love these images. I want to go to Iceland so bad.

  22. David Jenkins

    Wow, each one feels like it could go on the wall. The waterfall one is incredible.

  23. Anja

    Wow, looks like it's been a fun day! Ben and Caroline look amazing and you guys picked out the bestest locations. I want to go to Iceland now!

  24. Mathias Fast

    the blurred shot of them walking down the hill is money.

  25. Mike Fiechtner

    always so good! that waterfall is awesome! Is this the same place as the Bon Iver Holocene video?

  26. Eric Yerke

    Beautiful work Cole, you guys own it in Iceland, and Ben and Caroline know how to work it. :)

  27. JESSIE

    Seriously? These are insane! I just kept scrolling down, stoping and staring! Half of these are movie posters and the other half are just too good to sell! BEAUTIFUL couple, outstanding work.

  28. oriana

    Wow!!! I am speachless...all the images are stunning!! congratulations

  29. Oli

    Holy wowbeans .

  30. Sachin

    fucking amazeballs right here..

  31. Girish

    Beautiful place :) If I ever get to travel or go on a holiday outside India, it would be Ireland. What a marvelous place that is. Super photographs to go with it, excellent use of landscapes. Truly fantastic imagery.

  32. Blake Burton

    wow, the shots in the yellow field and along the beach are spectacular!

  33. Shauna

    GUH. super mega nailed guys. Ben and Caroline you are too awesome and gorgeous for words. loves ya xo

  34. small

    Totally beautiful!

  35. Gavin Farrington

    These are incredible. I mean the location, obviously, but you really were able to incorporate it so well. The pictures show off Caroline & Ben, but also the space they're in. Great job!

  36. Mercedes

    Unbelievably gorgeous!

  37. Ross Harvey

    What a location! Amazing as always :)

  38. kong wai

    Love it so much. very nice location !!

  39. ed peers

    Crazy, crazy, crazy good.

  40. Matt Smith

    This is insanely awesome. Excellent excellent work.

  41. lisa Mckinnon

    I find your work so inspiring, and this is just one of many examples. the atmosphere that oozes frm these these photos is palpable.

  42. Olivier Burnside

    brilliant coverage, captivating

  43. Sonia Jansson

    Every one of this frames is a piece of art. You guys are artiiiists!

  44. Matt Long

    I'm running out of superlatives for you guys

  45. caroline

    i...i....i can't....i don't have the words. my brain has officially been blown & melted due to too much awesomeness.

  46. Zosia

    Awesome stuff!! Just awesomely awesome!

  47. Kristian Leven

    Guys these are quality. Amazing that you got so many insanely good keepers in one session. Inspiring.

  48. tim

    this is nuts! mouth-of-cave-shot wtf

  49. Derek

    Crazy awesome!!

  50. Grant

    A really great photo set. I love the light, colours and composure. The couple must be thrilled. Well done.

  51. Greg Samborski Photography

    Scroll scroll scroll... Holly Helicopter! Amazing shots guys!

  52. Mark Sass

    Cole, this is simply breathtaking! The locations are fantastic and Caroline and Ben look completely at ease. Much respect for this shoot!

  53. Jenny DeMarco

    I still love this session

  54. Jenny DeMarco


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